Male Abdominal Fat Is Unhealthy And A Turn-Off To Women

Male abdominal fat not only increases heath risks, but socially, it is a turn-off for women. You can lose male belly fat by building lean muscle mass with a proven program for mens fat loss. Increase your metabolism naturally to burn belly fat and get rid of love handles.

Pounding down beers and inhaling cheeseburgers at the tailgate party may have been a badge of honor in college, but guys pushing 35 are becoming more concerned than ever with health issues associated with belly fat.

It has been well-documented that guys with waistlines bigger than 40 inches carry huge amounts of deeply-hidden fat around their organs that create issues linked to high cholesterol, high insulin, high triglycerides, and high blood pressure.

Male abdominal fat is directly associated with high risk for strokes, heart disease, Type II diabetes, and some forms of cancer.

To make things even worse, women are very outspoken about being physically tuned-off to guys who look lumpy, slow, flabby and non-athletic. They are extremely candid about their perspective that men who let themselves go are dependent, have zero self-discipline, a fear of hard work, and no backbone.

Today's woman will tell you she wants a guy who gives off high-energy, looks like he could go all day (and all night), and has defined muscles that separate him from other males.

Chicks want guys with the lean Hollywood look like they see in Matthew McConaughey or the men who starred in The 300.

The solution to male abdominal fat is commitment

male abdominal fat is a turn-off to woemn The Internet is full of phony programs promising the secret to mens fat loss. They promise you can burn belly fat and get rid of love handles in less than 30 days.


Does that make sense to you? After all, it took several years to get out of shape. Do you really think you can reverse that in a month?

* If you are going to lose male belly fat, you must commit to a complete change of lifestyle.

* You must start to question everything you eat, adhere to a consistent weight training routine, integrate intelligent cardio, and be able to say NO to situations that sabotage building lean muscle mass.

* Women admire guys who take care of themselves. It all starts with understanding what foods build lean muscle, and what foods are most easily stored as fat on your waist.

* Getting rid of male abdominal fat and building lean muscle takes time and effort. You CANNOT do it with expensive, high-tech sounding (and worthless) supplements, drinking protein shakes, or reading a book on the treadmill.

* When was the last time you felt comfortable taking off your shirt around a crowd of women? Would you commit to cutting pop, pastries, ice cream, sugar foods, junk-food burgers, and pizza/wings out of your diet if you knew it would make you look more fit and desirable?

* Would you commit to working out with a purpose for 45-60 minutes each session if you knew it would make you look more muscular and defined?

You can get rid of male abdominal fat and create a body women desire

lose male abdominal fat with the truth about six pack abs The finest program we have ever found for helping men get rid of abdominal fat and gain lean muscle is Mike Geary's The Truth About Six pack Abs.

Why? Because it addresses male fat loss with a comprehensive and fully integrated plan.

Mike's program is NOT based on fruity shakes, NOR worthless expensive supplements. There are NO starvation diets, NO 7-minute workouts from your couch, NO gorging on your favorite foods, and NO harsh workouts that leave you discouraged and exhausted.

When you use Mike's program, you will find yourself training mentally and physically in the progressive manner of Olympic athletes or NFL players in the off-season.

* You will learn how to increase your metabolism naturally to burn more belly fat and keep it off permanently.

* You will learn the best compound-joint strength training exercises to build quality lean muscle mass.

* You will learn why Olympic athletes and professional football players in the NFL focus their cardio on interval training rather than pounding out mile after mile of a slow jog.

* You will learn how to make good food choices and never miss the former junk you used to eat.

* You will learn how to spot plateaus in your fat loss or increase in lean muscle...and bust through them for continued success.

* You will learn that losing male abdominal fat is progressive and incorporates elements of continuous hydration and deep restful sleep. A structure of training programs for professional teams.

Think about the last time you were out with a group of friends at a beach or lake, but were too embarrassed to take off your shirt in front of women. What would it be like a year from now if your had less belly fat, more definition, and more lean muscle?

The Truth About Six Pack Abs will help get you there. Nothing beats it.

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