Rusty Moore Hollywood Look

rusty more hollywood look

Get the lean Rusty Moore Hollywood look with his Visual Impact Muscle Building program

Get the Rusty Moore Hollywood look with his proven program to burn male belly fat. Become more lean and muscular with Visual Impact Muscle Building.

Men are finding out two things about what turns off today's woman: Guys who look soft, fleshy, and unathletic...and, guys who look bulky and blocky, even if they do have muscle.

Chicks see those extremes and want something totally different. In surveys, on talk shows, and even on FaceBook, women are adamant that they want guys who look lean and cut, like Brad Pitt, Daniel Craig, Cam Gigandet, and Taylor Lautner.

Rusty calls this the "Lean Hollywood Look" and has designed the ONLY program available to create it. When guys search for "Rusty Moore Hollywood look" online, this is what they are looking for.

Chicks have a thing about male belly fat. They assume any guy who looks soft has no ambition, no self-discipline, and no "staying power." None of that may even be close to the truth with you, but remember...perception is reality.

However, Rusty's Visual Impact Muscle Building can change that perception. You just need to buy-in to the nutrition plan and the strength training.

It is unconventional in the sense that although the Big 3 strength building exercises (Squat, Deadlift, and Bench Press) are included, they will be dealt with differently than in other more traditional programs.

The same goes for rep/set schemes. However, your results will be outstanding if you follow Rusty's simple structure.

How many weight training programs have you purchased, only to be disappointed?

This underground best-seller ranks in the Top 1% of online sales for one reason...It works. You will look more muscular with Rusty's program.

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Rusty Moore Hollywood Look - Make It Happen

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* Rusty's course is compressed in a 72-page, no fluff eBook that you can download immediately.

* The program is periodized. Each subsequent workout segment builds on the last. There are three segments, each lasting two months.

* In Phase I, you are simply trying to add volume to the muscles that need it as quickly as possible. Phase II, will be a hybrid power-muscle building part of the routine. You will befocusing more in the 5 rep range, while still keeping rest somewhat brief. In Phase III, there will be a lower volume of lifts and increase in poundage lifted to really harden upthe muscle.

* In Phase III, you will also add 15 minutes if intense Interval Training to increase HGH, and accelerate fat burning.

* Rusty's program is NOT about putting on bulk or body mass. It is NOT about doubling your strength (although you WILL get stronger.) Visual Impact Body Building is about making your appearance truly outstanding by looking more muscular and defined.

* Visual Impact Muscle Building costs only $47 and comes with a 60-day, full money back guarantee. It gives you plenty of time to test drive his program.

You can get ripped with Visual Impact Muscle Building. By cutting sugar foods and starchy processed foods out of your diet, you will amplify your fat loss.

This is the only product on the market geared to getting the Lean Hollywood Look.

The Rusty Moore Hollywood look.

the rusty moore hollywood look

order the rusty moore hollywood look program

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