Get The Hollywood Lean Look

the hollywood lean look is the one most appealing to women

Male belly fat is a turn-off to chicks - Get the Lean Hollywood Look now!

The Hollywood Lean Look appeals most strongly to women. Fat on men is a turn-off to chicks. Get lean and more muscular with a proven program to get back in shape. Get a body women want to touch.

It's tough when you get close to 30. Your metabolism slows down, testosterone production slows down, growth hormone stimulation slows down...yet women still expect you to look like the Olympic athletes, or action movie stars they see on TV.

If you have fallen in a rut and want to get back in shape to look more cut and defined, Visual Impact Muscle Building is the underground proven program to get you there. Created by Rusty Moore, it is the ONLY program specifically dedicated to getting you the Lean Hollywood Look that women admire.

Get the Hollywood Lean Look

the hollywood lean look is the one most admired by women

* Visual Impact Muscle is not fluff, you will train like an athlete.

* The program is broken into three 2-month stages. (Like I said, it is not fluff.)

* You will learn to eat more consciously and eat like an athlete. Sugar foods, phony energy bars, and high-carb sports drinks, fast foods have got to go.

* You diet will change during each phase also...just like an athlete's would at the Olympic Center or an NFL facility.

* You can utilize free weights, machines, or body-weight exercises.

* Workouts will be brief and intense. Get to the gym...go hard...go home. It will take about 30-45 minutes.

* Workouts will focus on compound-joint movements. (Squats, pull-ups, dips, dumbbell presses, get the idea.)

* You will work in different set/rep ranges depending on whether you are attempting to gain size or gain muscle density.

* Visual Impact Muscle is about periodization and becoming more muscular...NOT softer with more bulk.

If you have wanted to get back in shape, look tight with your shirt off around women, and have defined muscles they can't resist looking at, Rusty's program may be just what you are looking for.

You can put in the work and get the Hollywood lean look that chicks find fascinating.

the hollywood lean look is most appealing to women

the hoolywood lean look can now be yours

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