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thermogenic fat loss

Does thermogenic fat loss really work?

Does thermogenic fat loss actually work? Can you burn belly fat, get defined abs, and have the lean athletic look women desire in men? Well...the answer is Yes...and NO.

The supplement industry is huge, and guys make more in one day than the rest of us make in our yearly salaries by pedaling the vision of looking like an NFL defensive back just by taking a few pills. Can fat loss really be this easy?

Thermogenic products sell extremely well for one reason...THEY WORK! But only up to a point...and the side effects can harm you.

Thermogenics contain stimulants such as caffeine, bitter orange, and Ephedra to ratchet-up your body temperature and raise your metabolic rate...and presto, you actually lose a few pounds! However, your system CANNOT sustain this indefinitely.

After four to five weeks, your body adapts and loses dry up. (This is when guys decide it's time to "up the dosage" and really put themselves in harm's way.)

Themogenic Fat Loss Side Effects

thermogenic fat loss side effects

Supplement companies disclose that there can be side effects, but they do not belabor the point. (Why do that when they can get your money so easily?)

Side effects for thermogenic fat loss supplements include:

* Dizziness.

* Shortness of breath.

* Heart attacks.

* Seizures.

* Chemical dependency as dosage is continually increased.

* Fatigue, apathy, irritability.

* Headaches and insomnia.

* Death.

Thermogenics simulate exercise. Guys who take them seem to think you can get something (a lean muscular body) for nothing (why watch what you eat or workout?) Life just doesn't work that way. Every action has a consequence, and it is no different for laying on the couch, and taking a "fat-burner pill."

What's the alternative to fat loss with thermogenics?

The alternative to taking prescription medication or supplements to burn belly fat is to put in the time and effort to get the body you want by investing in a proven program to change your diet and start working out.

The best program for guys 18-35+ is Rusty Moore's Visual Impact Muscle Building. It is the only program on the market dedicated to helping you achieve the Lean Hollywood Look that women is this age group desire in men.

For guys 40 and over, you cannot go wrong with Mike Geary's Truth About Abs. It is the best-selling workout on the Internet for older guys who want to look more fit and muscular.

It would be nice if all of us could take a pill and look like Hercules, but that just isn't going to happen. Losing male belly fat with a proven program is much more safe...and sustainable...than thermogenic fat loss.

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