The Truth About Abs Foods

truth about abs foods

The Truth Aboout Abs will help you get rid of male belly fat and get defined abs

Truth About Abs Foods. Mike Geary gives it to you straight about the foods needed to get rid of male belly fat and get defined abs.

In his best-selling program, the Truth About Abs, Mike is quick to point out, "The fact is, your nutrition is going to be more important than your training to lose your stubborn stomach fat and get those six pack abs. To be perfectly honest, aside from the mindset aspect we talked about in the last section, dietary habits are the next important reason that most people will never lose their body fat and get visible abs."

There is no way you can ever run-off or exercise-off enough calories to make your abs visible. In order to get the cut look you want, everything needs to START IN THE KITCHEN. It will be your food choices that dictate whether you will shred belly fat...or store even more of it. All of the workouts in the Truth About Abs cannot overcome a poor diet.

Truth About Abs Foods To Eliminate Male Belly Fat

truth about abs foods are natural

* Load up on a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

* Get your carbs from natural foods, NOT pizza, huge servings of pasta, or big sandwiches.

* Sugar foods are a disaster for defined abs. The less you eat, the more your abs will show.

* Solid protein sources need to be eaten at each meal.

* Get your protein from fish, turkey, and chicken breasts.

* Whole eggs (NOT egg whites) are one of Mother Nature's richest sources of nutrients.

* Chopped walnuts, pecans, and almonds are a rich source of nutrients and healthy dietary fats. (They have a high calorie count, so go easy.)

* It is ALWAYS better to eat foods provided by Mother Nature, than foods that come out of boxes, cans, or shrink wrap.

In addition to making good food choices, make sure you stay hydrated. Getting your optimal limit of water (at least one ounce for every two pounds of body weight) makes you feel more satiated and enhances your metabolic responses.

Above all, eat consciously. Mike firmly states, "My recommendation is to make sure you educate yourself as much as possible on what different types of foods are doing inside your body. If you can get into the habit of actively thinking about the negative cellular processes that are going to occur inside your body if you eat that donut or those deep fried French fries, you stand a better chance of being turned off by that junk food and not desiring it at all."

Mike Geary's best-selling program has helped thousands of guy get a body women want to touch. He gives it to you straight about what to eat and how to workout.

There is really no mystery about Truth About Abs foods.

truth about abs foods

truth about abs foods focus on foods provided naturally

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