Weightlifting Beginner

Proven weight training for beginners will force you to build bigger muscles

A weightlifting beginner needs the structure of a proven muscle building program. Beginner weightlifting is not all about building arm muscles, though that's where most guys focus.

When most guys get bitten by the weight training bug, they tend to get advice from a relative who's had some experience and success, guys at the gym where they joined, or worst of all...muscle magazines.

The great thing about beginner weight training is that you can see significant improvement in a short amount of time.

An untrained participant will make gains far more easily than a guy who's been lifting for two or three years. However, where beginners get into trouble is when the plateau and stall in their gains.

They have no idea how to right the ship and begin to incorporate any suggestion that sounds remotely plausible, even if it is idiotic or unsound.

If you are a weightlifting beginner, or if you are new to weight training and have hit a plateau, the best thing you can do is adhere to a proven program to restart muscle growth.

Sean Nalewanyj and The Truth About Building Muscle

weightlifting beginner

The best proven program we have found for guys who are weight training beginners is The Truth About Building Muscle put together by Sean Nalewanyj.

He took himself from a skinny, geeky, unathletic wimp to a rock-hard specimen with a body women want to touch. Starting with a weight set from Sears (can you believe it?), he carved out a dense and muscular build that you can duplicate.

The central theme to Sean's weightlifting beginner program is "Building muscle is one of the simplest things to understand, but one of the most difficult to implement." Too many guys get sidetracked by distractions like fading desire, confusion about building bigger muscles by reading slick magazines, and giving in to laziness.

If you want to build bigger muscles, you must workout like an athlete. You must want it as badly as you ever wanted anything in your life. It must be long-term and it CANNOT be half-way.

The best weightlifting beginner program demands intense, intelligent training and nutrition

best weightlifting beginner program * This a "Hardgainer" program.

* You will perform 3 INTENSE workouts per week. (About one hour)

* You will learn to structure the most effective weightlifting routines.

* You will learn 3 separate 8-week training cycles.

* You will emphasize compound multi-joint exercises.

* You will understand plateaus and learn to anticipate them.

* You will learn what to eat and when to eat.

* You will learn which popular bodybuilding supplements to avoid.

* There is a complete chapter on Rest and Recovery.

* You will learn the 12 biggest mistakes guys make in their training.

Sean's weightlifting beginner program can help you reach your muscle building goals, but you must fully commit.

For advanced hardgainers only

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