What Is ICD 9 Fibromyalgia?

what is icd 9 fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia ICD 9 is actually a classification code

What is ICD 9 fibromyalgia? In actuality, it is a way to classify this disease, NOT a specific strain of it.

The initials, ICD, stand for "International Classification of Diseases." This is part of the standardized alpha-numeric code system that helps physicians, medical personnel, and healthcare practitioners distinguish between the overwhelming number of syndromes and diagnosis's.

For fibromyalgia ICD 9 the international code is 729.1. This code will be found in all of your physician's notes, as well as any chart utilized if you have a stay in the hospital.

The Fibromyalgia ICD 9 designation keeps everybody on the same page when it comes to sharing information or treatment options about your situation.

So...now that we know what is Fibromyalgia ICD 9...what about the disease, itself?

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Fibromyalgia ICD 9 - What are the symptoms?

what is fibromyalgia icd 9 Fibromyalgia is sneaky, covert, and cunning. Victims afflicted with it feel both intense, and dull throbbing pain...as well as amplified tenderness in certain areas. Sadly, there is no specific reason provided. Not only are victims in the dark about pin-pointing the source of pain/tenderness, they also must deal with feeling tired and becoming easily exhausted.

Some of the more common symptoms of fibromyalgia include:

* Chronic fatigue.

* Numbness in feet and hands.

* Sleeplessness. Interrupted sleep.

* Painful menstrual periods.

* Excruciating headaches.

* Joint tenderness and inflammation.

* Poor concentration.

* Discouragement about life/Depression.

Although there has been continual research done on fibromyalgia, its exact cause still escapes medical scientists. Stress, bacteria, a poor diet, and a lack of exercise have all been found to be direct contributors, though.

What Is ICD 9 Fibromyalgia? - Combat the pain

combat fibromyalgia icd 9 with nutrition and exercise The best way to manage the pain and fallout side effects of fibromyalgia is with a proven nutritional program to reduce inflammation, and consistent exercise to re-balance hormone levels.

The Diet Solution Program has helped women around the world manage chronic pain and stimulate effective weight loss.

What makes it so effective?

* It was created by nutritionist, Isabel De Los Rios to combat her mother contracting Type II diabetes...and get her off all medication.

* The sole focus is on making food choices from natural foods and solid protein sources.

* Isabel is adamant about getting sugar-based foods completely OUT of your current diet.

* She is insistent about getting starchy processed foods, that are full of inflammation-producing chemicals, OUT of your current diet.

* Her protocol includes drinking more water (as opposed to commercial beverages), getting more restful sleep, and beginning a moderate exercise program.

I hope this short article has helped in your search for "What is ICD 9 Fibromyalgia?", and has given you some strategies for taking charge of your body through natural nutrition and exercise.

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