Beating The Freshman 15 - You Can Do It!

Beating the freshman 15 can be done through conscious eating and a mature outlook on your personal health. Lose belly fat and build lean muscle to look better and feel better in college.

College weight gain will sneak up on you. New friendships, lots of freedom, is very easy to forget about eating consciously and getting regular exercise.

beating the freshman 15 with conscious eating

* Awareness will be your #1 strategy to beat the Freshman 15. You must consciously know exactly what you are putting in your mouth each time you eat. This is a major step in maturity. The majority of college students are oblivious.

* Sugar foods and processed foods will be your two foremost enemies. Yes, they taste great...but, they load on the belly fat.

* Do your best to stay away from cookies, pastries, desserts, pop, pizza, fast foods, and fried foods. This will take a very mature approach to self-discipline.

* Learn how calories effect your body. Know what foods help build lean muscle tissue and which ones are most easily stored as belly fat.

* The university cafeteria is a minefield of fat-loading foods. They are high-starch, high-carb, with very low protein. Making good food choices is a must. Guys, STOP going back for "seconds!".

* Each meal should include fresh fruits, a couple of green vegetables, and a solid protein source. ALL snacks should be fresh fruits, a few raw nuts, or vegetable sticks.

* Start learning to drink more water. Staying hydrated wards off thoughts of food. The benefits of drinking water are enormous.

* Find time for DAILY fitness activities. Several days each week need to be devoted to strength building exercises with weights. Several days need to be devoted to cardio that includes interval training.

Beating the Freshman 15 by utilizing a mature approach to your personal health and fitness will help integrate a positive lifestyle that will make your adult years much happier.

You can do it! There is no need to get fat in college. You can beat the Freshman 15.

beating the freeshman 15

Beating the Freshman 15 means being aware of what to eat

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