What Is Healthy Eating?

What is healthy eating? In a nutshell, it is eating where good food choices are consciously made. It is eating that provides the maximum number of vitamins and nutrients without adding to fat storage.

Eating healthy is NOT just a "band-aid" strategy to help you lose a few pounds for special events throughout the year. It must become a lifestyle habit if you are to maintain permanent fat loss.

what is healthy eaating

* Conscious eating is the backbone to eating healthy. You must know what you are putting in your mouth, and have a clear understanding of how it will affect your body.

* You must have the awareness of what foods will provide nutrition, which ones will increase antioxidents, and which ones will just be stored as fat.

* Healthy eating means you select foods to boost your energy, increase lean muscle tissue, and support your immune system.

* Healthy eating means you will consciously eliminate low-nutrient, high-fat, and high-sugar foods from your diet.

* To eat healthy, you must learn how emotions affect your food choices.

* You must understand how feelings can sabotage your fat loss goals and what social situations, such as holidays, can get you offtrack from eating healthy.

* Making good food choices must be combined with regular and consistent exercise to help you build lean muscle tissue to naturally increase your metabolism.

what is healthy eating

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