Caveman Eating To Lose Weight Naturally - Do It!

Caveman eating is a natural way to get rid of belly fat. When eat like a caveman, you will naturally make good food choices to help you lose weight and become more lean.

When you make the commitment to "eat like a caveman," your opportunities to make poor food choices are dramatically reduced. Your awareness of what you are putting in your mouth, and how it will effect your body goes through the roof.

caveman eating

* Get sugar completely OUT of your diet. Cavemen did NOT eat donuts, ice cream, pop, pastries, or desserts. Sure they taste good...but they are deadly for the storage of belly fat!

* Fresh fruits, vegetables, and solid protein sources will be the backbone of your diet.

* Get processed foods and grains out of your diet. Think about it...did cavemen eat pizza, spaghetti, pasta salad, or sandwiches? This will be much more difficult than getting rid of sugar foods, but you can do it! Thousands of others have.

* Get your protein from solid food sources like steak, fish, turkey, and grilled chicken breasts. Don't even think about making protein shakes.

* Go easy on starches like potatoes and yams.

* Start drinking more water. The benefits of drinking water to enhance fat loss are vastly understated. Stay hydrated. Work up to drinking at least a gallon of water each day.

* Fat loss from caveman eating is accelerated when you include strength building workouts to pack on lean muscle mass.

* Forget slogging along for your cardio to help burn belly fat. Include a could of days where you have sprint repeats in your routine. Interval training workouts are how Olympic and professional athletes stay so ripped.

Eating like a caveman will make you more lean and stronger looking than you ever imagined. It will give you more energy. You will be pleasantly surprised in as little as 3-4 months, if you commit to this positive lifestyle of diet and fitness.

caveman eating to burn belly fat

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