You Can Create Workouts To Build Muscle

Workouts to build muscle and burn belly fat can be found all over the Internet. Sadly, most will not give you accurate information to increase size and get more defined musculature.

It is beyond the scope of this page (and reality) to provide you with a "secret" or "magic" workout that will give you the build you want. However, I can provide you some facts to think about as you work toward your goals.

workouts to build muscle

* First, realize you will have some genetic limitations to how muscle you can put on in any given year. Professional and Olympic athletes can only put on about 1 to 1-1/2 lbs. of solid, rockhard muscle in a MONTH. You may be able to do a bit better since your level of development is not at theirs.

* Getting your diet under control will be the next key. You CANNOT build muscle if you make poor food choices, overload portions, or think supplements are the answer. Get sugar foods, fatty foods, and high-carb foods out of your diet. Yes, they taste good...but they are easily stored belly fat, not muscle.

* Forget about fluff muscle-specific exercises (wrist curls, concentration curls, tricep pushdowns, etc.) and gear your workouts toward basic, multi-joint lifts, that force you to sweat a little and get out of breath.

* Do the lifts others have no desire to do: Deadlifts, Squats, Dumbbell Military Presses, Weighted Dips, Weighted Pull Ups, Benches, Cheat Curls, Dumbbell Cleans and Hang Cleans to name a few.

* Lift heavy, lift hard, lift brief. Workouts to build muscle should last less than an hour. Utilize a full body workout routine

* Integrate intense interval training workouts into your workouts. Forget that nonsense that cardio depletes muscle. Do NFL defensive players look frail? Imagine how many 200m and 400m repeats those guys have run in their professional careers.

There are no shortcuts to building solid muscle and keeping belly fat to a bare minimum. It takes time, focused effort, mental toughness, and patience...but it will payoff hugely if you stay grounded in reality.

workouts to build muscle

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