Full Body Workout Routine

Burn Belly Fat - Increase Strength - Get Bigger Muscles

A full body workout routine benefits you several ways. It is the best possible way to burn belly fat and build lean muscle mass at the same time. Full body workouts force you to increase strength.

Forget about the stereotyped visual of a guy moving through a row of machines doing moderate work. Full body workouts are the staple of Olympic and professional athletes. They want the most effective results with the least amount of time spent in the weightroom.

full body workout routine

* Full body workouts must be brief because they are so demanding on your system.

* Athletes keep their workouts to under 60 minutes in order to boost their testosterone and keep the increase in cortisol at a minimum.

* You will do ONE exercise per muscle group. (Ex: DB Bench Press for chest, Weighted Pull Ups for lats, Seated Olympic Bar press for shoulders, Squats for legs.)

* You will handle as heavy as weight as possible for 2-4 sets. Each workout, you will do between 5-12 reps depending on the weight you use.

* You will utilize strength building workouts that focus on fundamental, multi-joint lifts.

* Athletes usually take a couple of days between these demanding workouts, instead of working out every other day. They use their off days for focused and structured cardio that includes interval training workouts.

* Full body workouts are the foundation of hardgainer routines.

full body workout routine

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