You Can Increase Pull Ups And Get Bigger Arms

Increase pull ups. You can increase your pull ups max with some simple strategies. You can get stronger and you can get bigger muscles with a focused approach to increasing pullups.

Pull ups are a classic exercise. They work all areas of your upper body and they can pack on both strength and muscle. It doesn't matter if you can only do 1 right now, or 10. You can increase your max number of pull ups. It will take some times...possibly several months, but you will see results.

increase pull ups

* The first strategy centers on volume. If you can, get one of the standard doorway pull up bars. Use it everyday...several times a day.

* Do 2-3 sets of about 50% of your max reps, several times each day. (If you can only do three pullups, do sets of 1-2. Test your max every three weeks and adjust your sets accordingly.) This was popularized by Soviet Special Forces physical instructor, Pavel Tsatsouline. It works!

* A second strategy, also used by Pavel in training special forces is the two-person pyramid. You do a pullup, your friend does one. You do two, he does two. You do three, he does three. Keep going until one person cannot keep up. Rest a couple of minutes and start again. Once again, this is a volume strategy to increase pull ups. (Do this twice each day for several weeks, if possible.)

* Once you can do 8-10 pullups, add some weight by roping a 5 lb. plate around your waist. Now, do your sets with this. When they get easier, move up to a 10 lb. plate...and keep increasing the weight as you get stronger and more muscular.

* To increase pull ups and gain more strength, do them CORRECTLY. Go ALL the way up and come ALL the way down. No swinging, no "jacking" your chin over the bar, no 1/2-way "Barbie" pull ups. It's ALL the way up and ALL the way down.

* For guys who can only do 1...or even none, do NOT despair. You can build the strength by doing negative pull ups. Get a wooden box, or chair to help you get your chin over the bar, then lower yourself as slowly as possible. Do your 2-3 sets this way several times per day. It will may take 6-8 weeks of intense focus, but one will all of a sudden do two or three on your own...and you will be on your way.

To increase pull ups takes vigilance, determination, a positive outlook, and some hard work. Only max out on pre-arranged test days for yourself. Always do sub-maxial work so that you can perform multiple sets.

A year's training to increase pull ups will yield some amazing muscularity. (Just make sure you make good food choices and watch your portions.) You can get the "Lean Hollywood Look" that chicks admire from this kind of training.

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