Ab Workout Myths Will Never Burn Belly Fat

Ab workout myths keep you from burning belly fat. Myths about ab workouts are perpetuated in every gym. Get a defined waist with the truth about abs.

You should not have to put up with stupidity in your quest to get defined abs. We'll take a look at the top myths about ab workouts, and blow some holes in them.

Before we go any further, though, let's shed the light of reality on this discussion. First, there are ONLY three natural (non-steroid) ways to eliminate belly fat: Diet, Exercise, Cardio.

Of those three, diet is the MOST important. Why? It is simple: You cannot see your abs because a layer of fat is covering them. To get rid of that fat, you have to stop adding to it.

The best way to do this is to eat slightly below your Basic Metabolic Rate each week.

Top Ab Workout Myths

ab workout myths hold you back

* The focus of your workout must be on your abs NO. The focus of your workouts must be on full-body strength building exercises. These provide a huge stimulus for keeping your metabolism charged throughout the day. There is no such thing as targeted fat loss.

* Increase the amount of crunches you do Sorry, that just does not work. You'll burnout mentally before you ever do enough to help. 100 crunches burns ONLY about 20 calories. (To burn off a small bag of chips and a pop...you'd have to do over 1200 crunches. Ridiculous.)

* Extend your workouts to burn more calories Extend them to what...three hours? Forget it. You burn belly fat when your workouts are brief and intense. Keep them UNDER one hour or you will upset your hormonal balance and start storing fat.

* Start drinking protein shakes to burn fat Wow...if only it was that easy. Yes, there are benefits of protein shakes, especially for intensely athletic individuals, but these shakes usually end up putting on more fat for the normal population. Stay away from them.

* Distance running burns the most fat off your abs Close, but not quite. Running is an excellent way to burn belly fat, but mindless jogging for miles before dawn will not do it. Think about the Olympics...which runners look the strongest and most ripped? The sprinters do! It is because they utilize intense interval training workouts several times each week.

You can get rid of belly fat with a proven program that is sensible and progressive. Remember, it took time to put on those extra inches, so it will take TIME and concentrated EFFORT to get it off.

Do not let ab workout myths hold you back.

Male belly fat is a turn-off to chicks. Get rid of it!

Fast fat loss is neither

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