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fat loss foods

Eliminate belly fat and make fat loss permanent with conscious eating

Fat loss foods? Are there really foods to help you lose belly fat? The answer is a definite...well, Yes and No.

Confused? I understand. There are a lot of myths surrounding fat loss and the concept that there are certain "secret foods" that will automatically help eliminate belly fat is right up at the top.

there are no secret fat loss foods

* Yes, there are excellent foods like fresh fruits and leafy green vegetables that are filling, nutritional, and low-calorie. However, they do NOT directly burn huge layers of belly fat. (That's ridiculous.)

* Fat loss occurs when you establish a calorie deficit week-after-week...until you reach your weight loss goal.

* You establish a calorie deficit by: Eating Less...Eating Better...and Exercising More. So, getting rid of fat making foods is the key.

* Get rid of sugar foods, processed foods, and junk fast foods. Learn portion control.

* A great strategy to help you reach your fat loss goals is to eat an apple and drink a glass of cold water 15-20 minutes before your main meals. This will make you feel more full and you will eat less.

* Get your protein from solid sources like turkey, fish, and skinless chicken breasts. Do NOT fall into the trap of drinking so-called weight loss protein shakes. You will end up putting on fat.

* Learn how to make good food choices to increase metabolism naturally.

So...there are NO specific fat loss foods that automatically burn belly fat, but there are plenty of foods to stay away from in order to accelerate your fat loss goals.

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