Weight Loss Protein Shakes Can Make You Fat!

Weight loss protein shakes may actually promote fat gains. This is not what you need. If you want to get rid of stomach fat, get your protein from solid food sources.

I know you are wondering how you can possibly put on fat with a supplement that is the main building block of lean muscle, but please hear me out.

True, there are good benefits of protein shakes, but this supplement has to be utilized conservatively.

The three main drawbacks of protein shakes are: (1) They are too easy to ingest, (2) They are too easy to add ingredients to make them taste better, and (3) They do not satiate your hunger like solid protein sources.

The big misconception about these supplements is that when you drink a protein shake, the ingredients immediately make a beeline to your muscles...bypassing the normal breakdown of food.

It doesn't work that way in reality.

The best way to get the protein needed to balance your diet and fuel the building of lean muscle tissue is through solid sources like turkey, fish, or skinless chicken breasts.

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