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Walk to lose weight. If you are just starting a weightloss program, walking to lose weight provides you a sensible, safe, and progressive element for cardio.

One of the most difficult aspects of A good workout plan is finding a good cardio component when you first begin.

For many people, it is very hard to think about running a few miles each day when they have been inactive for a long stretch of time.

walk to lose weight

* Walking and fat loss are very compatible. It is a great way for a beginner to start.

* Walking to lose weight requires very little equipment. It is more about dedication and consistency.

* Walking is easy on your joints. You can progressively increase your strength and endurance with a regular routine.

* Walking provides you fat loss results as you work to get strong enough to start running.

* A weight loss workout plan will always include three elements: (1) Making good food choices in your diet, (2) Regular exercise to increase lean muscle tissue, and (3) cardio to keep your metabolism elevated.

* Diet will always be the #1 key in ANY weight loss program.

* Just because you adhere to a walking program for fat loss doesn't mean you can eat anything you want. That's not reality. Making good food choices needs to become a lifestyle habit, not just a strategy for episodes of weight loss.

You can walk to lose weight, and keep fat off permanently, by following a progressive program that becomes a lifestyle. Thousands have done it. You can too.

walk to lose weight

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