The Best Muscle Building Program

best muscle building program

Burn belly fat and get bigger muscles with a proven program

The best muscle building program is one that is continually evolving to provide you results to burn belly fat and gain lean muscle mass.

If you are looking to put on solid muscle, while keeping belly fat off, you know you have an arduous task ahead of you. Olympic and professional athletes are well aware that they can only put on 1 to 1-1/2 lbs of solid muscle per month, without accompanying belly fat.

best muscle building program to burn belly fat and gain lean muscle mass

* A program that will help you get the muscular, "Lean Hollywood Look" that women admire will center on strength building and interval training workouts.

* The program will focus on "full-body routines" and feature periodization for optimal gains.

* Workouts will alternate between difficult and moderate to give muscles, as well as the Central Nervous System, some rest.

* There will be "Hard Days/Hard Weeks" and "Easy Days/Easy Weeks."

* Your workouts will be continually changing. This is how Mark Twight developed the actors and stunt men with his 300 Spartan Workouts.

* Many principals advanced by Hardgainer expert, Stewart McRobert, in his excellent book, Beyond Brawn - The Hardgainer's Bible will be utilized.

* Strength building concepts by Charles Staley, in his Escalating Density Training will also be utilized.

* Incorporating elements from the P90X Extreme Home Fitness Workout Program will also be beneficial.

As you can see, the best muscle building program is NOT one specific routine. It is ever-changing and continually evolving to stress your body and accelerate fat burning.

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