Drinking Water To Lose Weight Really Works!

Drinking water to lose weight. Yes, it really works. Drinking water will increase metabolism naturally and help you lose belly fat. This is a valid strategy for any fat loss plan.

Before you get too excited and we go any farther, let me introduce a bit of reality into this discussion. You CANNOT eat whatever you please, then drink a couple glasses of water and expect them to counteract the large amount of calories you just ingested. That is NOT how it works.

drinking water to lose weight

* Any list of the best weight loss tips will include drinking water to aid in the reduction of belly fat.

* The MAIN strategy is to drink two glasses of cold water about 20 minutes prior to each meal or snack. What this does is fill your stomach and reduce your hunger. This, in turn, reduces the amount of calories you feel the need to ingest.

* Drinking water prior to each meal works even better when you ALSO eat an apple or a pear. The fiber in these two fruits further reduces your hunger and naturally enhances portion control.

* Drinking cold water cranks up your metabolism in order to warm up the water. This process can help you burn an extra 70 calories per day when you drink about 64 ounces of water.

* Drinking water for fat loss MUST be accompanied by consistently making good food choices and getting regular exercise.

* You will accelerate weight loss when you eat consciously, pay attention to calories, and get at least 45 minutes of continuous activity each day.

Drinking water to lose weight is NOT a singular plan of attack to lose belly fat. It is just one element (although an important one!) in an overall comprehensive weight loss plan.

The benefits of drinking water are impressive. Make sure you stay hydrated all day

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