Starting A Diet The Right Way!

Starting a diet involves a bit more than just adding some fruits and vegetables to your meals. To lose belly fat, you must make good food choices and regular exercise part of your daily regime.

Actually, it is best to switch your mindset, when beginning a diet, to actually starting a more positive lifestyle...instead of just a temporary fix for a few unwanted pounds.

starting a diet

* Above all, to get results and make fat loss permanent, your diet must contain the elements of (1) Optimal nutrition (2) Regular exercise (that includes weight training) and (3) Structured cardio.

* A quality program for women's fitness and health will be safe, sensible, and doable.

* There can be NO MORE mindless eating. Everything you put in your mouth must be conscious. Always ask yourself, "Will this food I'm eating help me build lean muscle tissue, or will it be stored as belly fat on me?"

* Proper hydration will help you lose weight and inches. Learn all you can about the benefits of drinking water.

* Any legitimate diet plan for women will NOT lead you astray with promises of targeted fat loss.

* Exercise and women's weight loss are complimentary. Be regular and consistent to accelerate results.

* When starting a diet, you must include daily cardio. Even if you cannot run at this time, you can walk to lose weight with the right program.

Congratulations on your desire to begin a new that is more positive...and will make you look better and feel better. I wish you the best.

starting a diet

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