Weight Lifting Workouts For Women

Weight lifting workouts for women actually do not differ that much from men. If you want to accelerate the loss of belly fat and get more toned, weight training will quickly benefit you.

All quality workout plans for women will include weight training. It helps build strength, build lean muscle tissue to increase metabolism naturally and makes you look more defined and fit.

weight lifting workouts for women

* A woman's weight lifting workout will be similar to a man's because it will focus on multi-joint, fundamental exercises to build strength.

* There is NO need to worry about putting on slabs of muscle like a man. Women do NOT have the high percentage of testosterone necessary to make that happen.

* You do NOT have to exercise with weights for long periods of time. Brief, intense workouts of 40 minutes (it goes fast) will help you gain lean muscle tissue.

* If you want results, you CANNOT use "Barbie weights"...those little 5 lbs. and 10 lbs. dumbbells. You must use weights that challenge you to push them.

* Also, if you want results you will have to deal with getting sweaty, getting a little out of breath, and getting a bit red in the face. It happens when you exercise with a purpose.

* Conscious eating by making good food choices is imperative in your fitness/fat loss program. You CANNOT eat whatever you please and expect exercise to burn it off. That is not reality.

* Conscious eating and weight workouts must be complimented with quality cardio. Mindless walking on the treadmill or reading a magazine on the stationary bike do not help at all. Interval training must be part of your program.

Weight lifting workouts for women are a critical element of a solid fat loss program, but they must be combined with optimal nutrition and focused cardio to accelerate results. You can do it!

weight lifting workouts for women

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