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Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle is a comprehensive exercise plan for weight loss that has helped 1000's of men.

The premiere men's exercise plan for weight loss is Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle by Tom Venuto. It is a proven program for men to gain lean muscle and lose body fat.

When guys decide they need to get back in shape, they checkout all kinds of sites on the Internet...searching for that one "secret" workout that will help them melt away belly fat and get cut like Olympic decathlete.

There are plenty of sites that take guys' money everyday, but provide minimal results. Most of them are dotted with hyped-up messages like, "Melt 20 lbs. of flab in 10 days!"..."Get cut and ripped in three weeks!"...or, my favorite, "Gain muscle size and density in just 7 minutes per day!"

Think about it. If it took a few years to get out of shape, do you really think you can get the body of an NFL defensive back in less than a month? (Why do those guys workout year around, anyways???)

Physical exercise definitely accelerates fat loss, but without a solid and balanced nutrition plan, you will never reach your weight loss goals.

Burn this into your brain: The best exercise plan for weight loss can never overcome a crummy diet. There is NO WAY you can ever run-off or exercise-off enough calories to overtake poor food choices.

In his Burn The Fat eBook, Tom Venuto candidly points out, "If there’s any 'secret' to fat loss, it’s hard work on your diet and training program. The sooner you accept this fact, the sooner you’ll be the proud owner of a lean body. Unfortunately, this isn't what most people want to hear. In this age of instant gratification, people want overnight success and 'miracle cures,' but that's a fantasy."

Any quality men's exercise plan for weight loss will be comprehensive...combining the best elements of nutrition, strength-training, and interval workouts for you to amp up your metabolism, gain lean muscle, and melt off male belly fat.

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The best exercise plan for weight loss will be comprehensive

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* Weight loss starts at the kitchen table. Tom's Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle eBook provides an in-depth view of the best nutrition for building lean muscle while you jettison male belly fat.

* In Chapter 17 of Tom's book, he provides you four different strength-building workout routines to increase both muscle gain and your metabolism. Tom says, "BFFM offers not one, but four separate programs, one for every level from beginner to advanced. Each program is simply a basic framework within which you can change exercises, sets, reps, tempos and every other training variable to provide all the variety you want and need. No single program could possibly be ideal for everyone."

* You will discover why long, slow cardio workouts barely help at all, and how to get the most out of interval training. This is exactly how Olympic and professional athletes train.

* You will discover there are NO "secret" supplements that turn your metabolism into a fat-eating animal...and why foods produced by Mother Nature, combined with solid protein sources, will accelerate both fat loss and muscular development.

* You will fully understand how sugar foods and starchy, processed, refined carbs completely sabotage your weight loss goals...and how to get these foods out of your current diet. They do NOTHING in terms of you becoming more lean and muscular.

Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle has been a best-seller since 2003. The reason it has set sales records is because it flat out works. It gets results for guys who want to lose belly fat and increase their musculature.

Close to 250,000 guys have purchased Tom's eBook, and hundreds more order it each week. Tom Venuto is a natural bodybuilder with a degree in Exercise Science. He was his own guinea pig when it came to creating and developing Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle.

If you are truly committed to finding the best exercise plan to lose weight, you will do well by carefully investigating Tom's program.

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