Extreme Fat Loss - Not Worth The Risk

extreme fat loss can have dangerous side effects

Fast fat loss is accompanied by too many dangerous side effects

Extreme fat loss is not a desirable goal. Fast fat loss, usually a result of crash dieting or use of diet pills, is dangerous.

I know how it is when you actually "see" yourself in the mirror and want to take decisive action to get rid of stomach fat.

Although it may have taken several years to accumulate, you want it OFF immediately.

This sense of urgency, however, can lead you to making unwise decisions since your motivation will be grounded in emotion instead of thoughtfulness.

The Internet is full of sites offering the best fat loss pills or the best fat loss workout...and they are all nonsense.

They are designed to play on your emotional state of urgency and your anger at letting yourself go. All they do is separate you from your money.

You can lose belly fat and thigh fat by following simple, sensible strategies like my 10 Fat Loss Tips.

There is no reason to turn to questionable and dangerous fat loss methods just because you want it off faster. Progressive weight loss of 1-2 lbs. per week is safe and sensible.

A good workout plan will always center on making good food choices to lose weight

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