Fat Loss Exercise Strategies

the two best fat loss exercise strategies include making good food choices and gaining lean muscle mass

Burn belly fat by increasing lean muscle tissue

Fat loss exercise strategies to burn belly fat can be reduced to two elements: make good food choices, and be active every day. When you reduce calories, engage in continuous daily workouts, and build lean muscle, you will naturally increase metabolism.

I'm not trying to blow off your search for finding the best exercise strategies to lose fat, I just want to be real with you.

Everybody comes with different genetic make-up. What works for one person, may only bring partial success to the next.

When you embark on a diet and workout plan, you must hone your awareness to become the "expert on you." From there, you can refine your workouts at the gym and your cardio training.

I include making good food choices in any discussion on fat loss exercises because diet will always be the most important part of your program.

Your strategies for fat loss must start with the fuel you put in the tank. It is critically important that you learn exactly how food affects your body. If you continue to make poor food choices, no exercise program in the world will be able to overcome them.

Fat Loss Exercise Strategies To Think About

the best fat loss exercise strategies will always start with making good food choices * You must learn which foods will build lean muscle and which foods will most easily be stored as fat.

* Making good food choices means you fully understand what foods and what eating situations sabotage your goals for fat loss.

* You must commit to some kind of physical activity every day. For 45 - 60 minutes, get away from your computer, your TV , and your cell phone. Alternate strength training days with cardio days.

* Full-body workouts are best for supercharging your metabolism. Include strength training exercises that hit the large muscles - chest, back, hips, and legs.

* Fundamental, multi-joint lifts such as benches, pull-ups, dumbbell presses, rows, squats, and deadlifts are best for innervating each large muscle group.

* Abdominal exercises should always be included in your workouts, but you DO NOT need to do 1000's of crunches. Losing belly fat is a product of your diet. Ab exercises strengthen your core, not burn tons of calories.

* Cardio is a critical element of your fat loss exercise strategies, but it must be done intelligently. Mindless jogging does nothing. You must build up your strength to include interval training workouts.

No matter what you read on the Internet or what people tell you, there is simply NO WAY you can ever exercise-off or run-off enough calories to eliminate belly fat.

Your best exercises for fat loss will always combine good food choices with intense, brief workouts.

A Proven Program of Fat Loss Exercise Strategies

a proven program of fat loss exercise strategies

The Truth About Six Pack Abs, by Mike Geary, is the best-selling program of fat loss workout strategies on the Internet.

* Mike's program will teach you to approach your workouts in a purposeful manner with specific goals.

* His workout routines are progressive. There are eight levels of strength building exercises and eight levels of abdominal exercises for you to move through.

* Although there are 20 unique ab exercises, this is NOT just a compilation of tired and rehashed abdominal routines. Mike's focus is on full-body workouts to burn total body fat.

* There are NO fad diets involved. NO phony "secret fat loss supplements" to purchase. NO idiotic ab exercise gadgets to waste your money on.

* Mike's program can be directly downloaded to your computer desktop. His price of $39.95 equals out to about three cans of soda per month. He has a 60-Day 100% Money Back guarantee.

If you are looking for the best fat loss exercise strategies that include a guide to making good food choices as well strength building routines to increase lean muscle, The Truth About Six Pack Abs is worthy of your careful consideration.

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