Getting Rid Of Love Handles

getting rid of love handles requires focus on both your diet and your workouts

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Getting rid of love handles takes both focus on your diet and purposeful workouts. Male belly fat is a turn-off to women. Lose love handles and gain lean muscle mass to build a body women find attractive.

Love handles frustrate guys. Even though you abdominals may be soft, they can look relatively flat...but, love handles just make us look sloppy.

If there is one thing that turns-off chicks, it is a flabby, sloppy, unathletic-looking guy.

It is no big secret that women desire guys with the lean Hollywood look.

To them, male belly fat is like a big marquee saying, "I'm lazy. I have no ambition or self-discipline."

While that perception may be a bunch of bull-pucky, it is still their reality...and we have to deal with it.

The good thing is, you can lose love handles, burn belly fat, and build lean muscle with a focused and proven program. It won't be fast and it will take a lot more mental focus than physical, but you can do it.

Getting rid of love handles will take some effort

getting rid of love handles and eliminating belly fat will take some effort Love handles sneak up on you. They happen over an extended period of time while you eat unconsciously and forget about regular workouts.

Nobody wants to look like this. You feel sluggish and do not want to take off your shirt in public because women will NOT see you as sexually desirable.

However, you don't have to feel this way any longer. You can eliminate belly fat and get rid of love handles. Thousands of other guys have done it...and you can too.

* It took time to put on love handles and it will take time to get rid of them. Plan on a 30-36 week program to see significant results. It helps to deal in reality.

* You can easily start burning off belly fat just by cutting out sugar foods (donuts, pop, ice cream)...processed foods (pizza, fast food, buffets)...and high-calorie drinks (beer, sports drinks.)

* Just adhering to a regular and consistent workout program, that centers on weight training, will start you building lean muscle to naturally increase metabolism.

* Getting away from your computer and TV for 45-60 minutes of continuous activity (like some brisk walking) everyday will accelerate your fat burning.

* Once you get stronger, you will introduce interval training to your cardio and see even more results.

You have the intelligence and mental toughness to commit to good nutrition, eating consciously, consistent strength training, and staying away from situations that sabotage your fat loss goals.

All you need is a proven program to provide a plan for getting rid of your love handles.

Getting rid of love handles with a proven plan

getting rid of love handles is easier with a proven program like the truth about six pack abs

The Truth About Six Pack Abs has been snow-balling as a best-seller since 2005.

Mike Geary's program vaulted to #1 for a reason. It makes sense and it gets results. It is a proven program to burn belly fat and build lean muscle mass.

* You will learn what foods build lean muscle and what foods are most easily stored as fat on your waist.

* You will learn how purposeful strength-training workouts at the gym with basic, multi-joint weight exercises build bigger muscles.

* Mike will get you stronger so that you can integrate interval workouts into your cardio.

* You will learn the diet and workout techniques to get defined abs.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs is a step-by-step guide to getting rid of love handles and building a body women want to touch.

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