Getting Rid Of Stomach Fat Now!

getting rid of stomach fat is a must for guys

Male stomach fat turns off chicks. Get rid of it permanently.

Getting rid of stomach fat needs to be a priority, guys. Male stomach fat is not only is a dangerous health issue, it is also a sexual turn-off to women.

A lot of guys scoff at so-called "health issues"...but current statistics show that more and more men in their late 20's and early 30's are confronting problems like heart disease, Type II diabetes, and Erectile Dysfunction.

What's worse is that women now take the stance that they "DO NOT have to settle."

They are real upfront with stating they want guys with the Lean Hollywood Look type of body.

They'll date guys 5-6 years younger if they are lean, hard, and can last all night.

The mirror does not lie. If you are seeing love handles, flabby beer belly fat, or a total loss of ab definition, you know changes need to be made.

Fortunately, getting rid of stomach fat has a simple solution...Eat Less - Eat Better - Workout More.

You can do this. It is not complicated at all.

Getting Rid Of Stomach Fat Means Being Focused

getting rid of stomach fat means staying focused Mindless eating is the main culprit for putting on stomach fat. You can change that.

* From now on, tell yourself you will "eat like an athlete." This means you will know, WITHOUT FAIL, everything you put in your mouth.

* You have it in you to consciously know what foods will be used to build hard, lean muscle...and what foods will be easily stored as fat on your waist.

* When you start reducing the amount of food you eat, and working out more, you will burn fat all over your body. You will lose size. However, the more defined you become, the more stronger you will look.

* You CANNOT exercise-off or run-off the amount of calories needed to establish a calorie-deficit each week. You simply must reduce portions and the total volume of your food consumption.

* Women are impressed with guys who quietly make great food choices, because they want to be that way too. Start eating more fresh foods, more fresh vegetables. Get sugar foods OUT of your diet completely.

* Regular and consistent exercise, especially with weights, will accelerate the loss of stomach fat. Stick to basic strength building moves that involve multi-joint execution.

* Your cardio program must be more than just mindless slow jogging before the sun comes up. That may be okay for the first few weeks, but you need to start a running and fat loss program that is sensible and includes interval training workouts.

Getting Rid Of Stomach Fat With A Proven Program

getting rid of stiomach fat with a proven program

To get rid of stomach fat and build a body women find desirable, it is best to go with a proven program, instead of haphazardly showing up at the gym.

Here are three good ones.

The program we recommend most frequently is The Truth About Six Pack Abs.

Mike Geary has put together a progressive program of optimal dieting and strength building workouts. This is NOT a compilation of ab exercises (there are 20), but an overall program to increase lean muscle mass as you burn stomach fat.

The best program using mostly body-weight exercises, combined with interval training, is Craig Ballantyne's Turbulence Training.

His sessions are brief, creative, and intense. You will definitely get rid of love handles and male stomach fat. Thousands of guys have had success.

Finally, the most popular program seen on TV, The P90X Exercise Program gets significant results. It is more pricey than the other two, but no one can deny the results.

Getting rid of stomach fat is a goal worth pursuing. You can improve your health and build a body women want to touch. How would it feel the next time you took off your shirt at a pool party, and knew the women saw you as tight, muscular, and could last all night?

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