How To Achieve The Lean Hollywood Look

how to acieve the lean hollywood look

Discover how to achieve the Lean Hollywood Look with Rusty Moore's Visual Impact Muscle Building program

Discover how to achieve the Lean Hollywood Look with Visual Impact Muscle Building. Created by Rusty Moore, this underground program gets results for men.

Are you fed up with looking smooth and bulky? Have you been training hard in the gym, but cannot get the definition you really want? Have you gone on a diet...only to see your arms and chest shrink...while your belly stayed soft and smooth?

It doesn't have to be this way any longer.

Rusty Moore, the fitness author and professional trainer who coined the term "Lean Hollywood Look" has put together the ONLY workout program designed for this specific lean build.

His Visual Impact Muscle Building Program has helped thousands of guys get the ripped, buggy-whip look that women admire.

Why did I throw that comment in about women? Because they have played a huge role in defining what is physically attractive in a man this past decade.

The bulky, blocky, steroid-look is OUT. Chicks want a man who looks lean and cut like the guys in action movies, clothing ads, and the Olympics. Discovering how to achieve the Lean Hollywood Look will truly distance you from the competition. (Weight training in only part of the equation...)

Burn this into your brain: Male belly fat is a sexual turn-off to women. They have absolutely NO desire to be with a guy who looks soft and fleshy.

Look, they spend their entire day sending pictures of guys with their shirts off back and forth on their iPhones and iPads. When it comes time for real-life romance, they have an definite image in their heads of how they want a guy to look.

There is no way they want to wake up next to a pasty-looking guy with soft abs and a flabby chest.

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Discover How To Achieve The Lean Hollywood Look

how to achieve the lean hollywood look

* Rusty's course works best for guys 21-32. Why? Because they have more energy and they have higher levels of testosterone and human growth hormone to help them recover much faster.

* Older guys can get significant results, too, but they really have to work harder on their diets and push the interval training.

* Rusty's Visual Impact program makes NO outlandish promises. In order to get a lean body, you have to work hard on your diet and work hard on your training.

* Getting a lean body does NOT happen overnight. Rusty's course is divided into three 8-week segments. It will take the required 6 months for you to establish good habits in the kitchen, in the gym, and out on the road doing interval training.

* You will discover that what you've read for years in muscle magazines has been all wrong.

* Getting a handle on your diet will be the key. When you get sugar foods, fried foods, fast foods, and carb-bloated processed foods OUT of your current diet, your body will respond significantly.

* You will be expected to engage in brief, but intense strength training several times each week for 45-60 minutes.

* You will be expected to become strong enough to engage in interval workouts. Walking on a treadmill while reading a magazine doesn't get it.

If you've been searching for information on how to achieve the Lean Hollywood Look, Rusty Moore's Visual Impact course is the place to start.

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