How To Build Muscle Naturally

A muscle building diet to build muscle mass is critical

Learn how to build muscle naturally. Focus on a muscle building diet and weight training to build muscle mass are key elements, but you must also understand about building fat loss muscle.

Natural muscle building means "without steroids" or any other tissue-altering drug. It also means that you must work very hard for progressively slower gains than guys who are injecting growth-enhancing substances into their system.

A muscle building diet is critical, because when guys set a goal of "getting huge" they start eating too many calories and making poor food choices.

Building muscle naturally...gaining muscle mass, does NOT mean ceaselessly grazing and gorging throughout the day. The intent is to increase muscle...NOT put on fat. Your understanding of foods that build muscle and the need for building fat loss muscle are imperative in your quest to gain lean muscle.

How to build muscle naturally: Be realistic, eat intelligently, workout intensely

how to build muscle naturally

When seeking to build muscle naturally, you must have a realistic image of how you want to look. Let's get this straight...looking like a professional bodybuilder, like you see on magazine covers at the drug store, is NOT realistic. Unless you are tremendously blessed genetically, it will be impossible.

Secondly, you must be realistic in your goals for building muscle mass. It has been repeatedly proven that athletes who are training hard, can ONLY put on about 11-14 lbs. of rock-hard muscle in a 12 month period. (Certainly you can put on more weight, but do you really want an increased waist size?)

* All guys gain lean muscle, increase strength, and burn belly fat differently. You must become the expert on YOU. You cannot judge yourself with your workout partner.

* You must commit to training like an athlete. You must assume the mindset of a guy training for the Olympic gold medal or making an NFL team. (This is totally different from how most guys approach their workouts.

* You must commit to eating to build muscle, not just gain weight and fat.

* You must commit to a program of weight training that focuses on fundamental multi-joint lifts that have been proven to increase muscle mass. (bench presses, squats, deadlifts, military presses, dips, pull-ups, rowing, and lat pulldowns) Most guys DO NOT want to do these intense lifts.

* The question of how to build muscle naturally, will also be answered with an integrated program of interval training for cardio. I know this goes against what 95% of the muscle-building gurus promote...but think about it. Which athletes have the best bodies? Olympic sprinters, 400m runners, decathletes, water polo players, and NFL wide-recievers, running backs, and defensive backs. Believe what you see. Every one of those guys utilizes intense, interval training cardio.

Learning how to build muscle naturally means patience and not sabotaging yourself

how to build muscle naturally must include an intelligent diet * Forget the hype you see on cable TV and read about on the Internet. You will NOT be able to gain huge slabs of muscle quickly (unless you are a true beginner who has NEVER trained before.) Your journey is going to be measured in months/years, and it will require patience and an attitude of perseverance.

* Your workouts will continually be evolving. One size does NOT fit all when building muscle mass and burning belly fat.

* Different guys gain with different rep schemes and sets. By becoming the expert on YOU, your workouts that build muscle will become more successful.

* One of the best books available on how to build muscle naturally is Stuart McRobert's Beyond Brawn: The Insider's Encyclopedia on How to Build Muscle and Might. It is the "hardgainers'" bible on progressively increasing your strength and gaining muscle mass.

* Once more critical element in your quest to build muscle naturally will be to understand what behaviors and situations will set you back...or outright sabotage your goals to become stronger, more muscular, and more defined.

* One final motivation for learning how to build muscle naturally, while burning belly fat, is that women desire men who look lean, cut, and athletic. In almost all surveys, they say they are turned-off my bulky, swollen, over-developed guys.

They want the "Hollywood Look" in a man. You can give it to them.

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