How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

learn how to get rid of belly fat by being consistent and accountable

You can eliminate belly fat and get rid of love handles

Guys want to know how to get rid of belly fat, yet few want to follow through. The ways to get rid of belly fat are simple, but staying consistent requires commitment.

Male belly fat gets put on easily, mindlessly, and without any hard work whatsoever. However, guys get pretty frustrated when is does not come off the same way.

Olympic and professional athletes have it pounded into them that it is easier to stay in shape...than it is to get in shape.

Guys who have put on several flabby inches of belly fat, and finally get rid of it, know exactly what coaches mean when they say that.

You can burn belly fat with focus on your diet, your workouts, and your cardio...that part is simple. The difficulty in your goal to lose belly fat comes in maintaining that focus.

When guys finally really see themselves in the mirror and realize how far they have allowed flab to ambush them, they want to burn it off immediately. However, reality does not work that way.

Simple Truths About Getting Rid Of Belly Fat

if you want to learn how to get rid of belly fat you must commit to an extended time frame There are hundreds of sites on the Internet with targeted hype on how to get rid of belly fat. They promote "secret supplements" and "muscle-optimizing workouts"...but, sadly, about 99% of it is totally worthless.

Common sense, old-school strategies are what really works. Here are some things to keep in mind.

It takes time to burn belly fat - It took several years to put it on and it will take at least 6-9 months to get it off.

Diet is the key - In order to lose belly fat, you have to establish a slight calorie deficit each week, for many weeks.

Eat consciously - Athletes know EXACTLY what they are putting in their mouths at all times. You must also. Learn what foods build muscle and what foods are most easily stored as belly fat.

Say NO to supplements - There are no "secret supplements" that will make you look like an Olympic athlete. They watch their diets and workout regularly. That is what you will have to do.

Forget the protein shakes - Yes, there are benefits of protein shakes, but not until you have been working out hard for several years. They can easily put on more belly fat.

You cannot exercise-off belly fat - Jacking up your crunches and leg lifts into the 1000's will make your abdominals strong, but they will burn very little calories.

You cannot run-off belly fat - Running is great, but even it cannot burn the amount of calories you need to lose belly fat if you have not changed your diet.

Stay old-school in your lifting - Guys who are frantically searching how to get rid of belly fat think there are some "secret exercises." There's not. Fundamental, multi-joint strength building lifts are the key to increasing your metabolism.

Cardio must be purposeful - Mindless jogging before the sun comes up will not help you burn belly fat. You must become strong enough to integrate interval training into your cardio workouts.

Drink more water - The benefits of drinking water cannot be overlooked. Stay hydrated to metabolize fat and flush toxins from your system.

Get on a proven program - If you want to learn how to get rid of belly fat and keep it off permanently, you must get on a proven fat loss/muscle building program that has a track record of success.

Mike Geary Will Teach You How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

mike geary will teach you how to get rid of belly fat

Mike Geary is the author of the best-selling male fat loss program, The Truth About Six Pack Abs.

He is a natural bodybuilder with a degree in Exercise Science who has helped 1000's of guys get rid of male belly fat and build a body women find appealing.

* His program focuses on you making the best food choices to burn belly fat and doing the best exercises to build lean muscle mass.

* Mike's course is progressive and makes sense. There are NO worthless supplements to buy. There are NO idiotic exercise gadgets to purchase.

* His program has eight levels of strength building workouts and eight levels of abdominal workouts. Interval training is also incorporated.

* Mike will teach you how to eat consciously, how to have a purpose for each workout, and how to recognize when you are sabotaging your results.

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The Truth About Six Pack Abs is a proven program to burn belly fat and build lean muscle tissue.

If you have been searching for how to get rid of belly fat and build a body that women want to touch, Mike's program deserves your careful consideration.

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