Women Admire Fit Male Abs

women admire fit male abs

Male belly fat is a turn-off to chicks

Cut and defined male abs are a turn-on to women. Guys who need to lose belly fat are best served by combining intelligent dieting with muscle mass workouts and interval training.

Male fat loss is a growing...make that an exploding... industry.

Why? Because marketers know how much stock women put into builds that have the sleek, taut, lean Hollywood look.

Chicks are drawn to guys with ab definition and an overall fit, athletic build. They are adamant about NOT wanting bulky guys who look like they take steroids through a fire hose.

Instead, they desire men who look like Olympic athletes, professional soccer players, and movie stars like Matthew McConaughey.

If you watch late night infomercials for even a few minutes, you'll be exposed to a variety of "secret" ways to lose belly fat. It's all nonsense, guys.

The only proven way to lose belly fat and get rid of your love handles is to train like an athlete...meaning you'll be serious about three things: (1)Establishing a calorie deficit to reduce your percent body fat (2) Get on a strength training program that emphasizes muscle mass workouts to increase your lean muscle tissue, and (3) Incorporating sprint/interval training much like a player in the NFL does in the off-season.

Why are women drawn to cut male abs, anyways?

women are drawn to defined male abs Like it or not, women form opinions of our character based on our fitness.

It doesn't matter if a soft-looking guy with the start of a beer belly is a ball-buster in the corporate sector pulling down $250K. To them, he LOOKS like some pudgy momma's boy with zero self-discipline and no follow-through.

When they see a guy who looks "tight", they figure he's a heroic hombre that is not afraid of hard work, will protect her in any situation, and will satisfy her into exhaustion every night.

Is it unfair? Without a doubt...but, it is what it is. It pretty much sets you up to Go Hard or Go Home.

The Navy Seals have an engraving outside their training center that says: "The cowards never got started and the weak died along the way".

That pretty much sums it up when it comes to achieving your goals of fat loss so you can compete in the arena women have built.

I'm not talking about lifting and running your way into exhaustion, or going on some idiotic Spartan starvation diet. I'm talking about buying into a program that you can sustain for at least a year to eliminate belly fat, gain lean muscle, and make those results permanent.

The ways to burn belly fat and get desirable male abs are simple, just re-read them above. However, you cannot achieve them drinking fruity shakes or putting in 10 minutes a day on the newest "Ab Lounger." You are going to have to train like an athlete and use an athlete's mentality to keep you motivated.

Cut male abs take a some time and some work

mike geary's program can help you get cut male abs

The Truth About Six Pack Abs has helped thousands of guy like us lose belly fat and get rid of love handles.

* Author Mike Geary gives you the tools to create a body women will admire. His program is focused on: conscious eating, strength training muscle mass workouts, and the integration of interval training.

* One of the unique aspects of Mike's program is his review of they myths surrounding the loss of abdominal fat. He punches holes in previously held workout tenets that have no merit.

* This is NOT a book stuffed with pictures and descriptions of ab exercises. (There are 20) It centers on fundamental strength building lifts that reduce your overall body fat while building lean muscle mass.

* There is no way you can lose belly fat overnight. It took years to put on belly fat and love handles, it will take some time to get rid of them.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs can help you get a set of fit male abs...the kind women want to touch.

If you need to lose belly fat, this program is worth your careful investigation.

If you are over 40 and want cut male abs, Tom Venuto's program may be the best for you

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