Rapid Fat Loss Diets

Rapid weight loss comes with consequences

Rapid fat loss diets promise intense fat loss over a short amount of time. However, with rapid fat loss comes consequences. Read this before getting on a rapid weight loss or extreme dieting program.

Although weight gain and an increase in belly fat take place over a year or more, once you actually see yourself in the mirror and are shocked with how far your body has gone downhill, you want to change it immediately.

Companies that market rapid fat loss programs know you are running on high emotion and want immediate results.

There are tons of sites on the Internet making outrageous claims for rapid weight loss...yet none of them mention the consequences associated with following one of those fat loss plans.

Rapid fat loss diets can make a train wreck of your body

rapid fat loss diet

When women hear about how a movie star or popular model lost 30 lbs. in 25 days, they naturally are interested in the rapid weight loss diet and workout plan that was followed.

However, what they don't know about are the supermodel diet secrets that go undisclosed. The biggest one being that these celebrities are surrounded by a team of trainers, nutritionists, and psychologists as well as a physician who monitors and tracks the entire affair.

All they see is the article or report on the end result. Rarely is anything mentioned about the price paid along the way or the future consequences from such a shock to the actress's system.

Consequences of a rapid weight loss diet

rapid fat loss diet has severe cpnsequences * Irritability and bursts of anger.

* Headaches and dizziness.

* Constipation and menstrual irregularities.

* Chronic fatigue, loss of focus.

* Natural metabolism is damaged.

* Gallstones. Gall bladder inflammation.

* Dehydration.

* Loss of muscle tissue due to too little protein.

* Hair loss due to reduction of protein.

* Shivering and muscle spasm.

* Hanging body skin.

As you can see, there are a variety of serious side effects from participating in an extreme dieting program.

Rapid weight loss diets are both artificial and short-term. They are characterized by starvation-dieting or a reliance on prescription pills. No positive changes are made to the person's diet or lifestyle.

You can lose belly fat and get rid of thigh fat through a proven program of safe, sensible, and progressive fat loss. You can start an easy healthy diet plan that adheres to the characteristics of safe weight loss.

Although you want to get the fastest results possible, it is prudent to stay away from rapid fat loss diets.

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