Abdominal Workouts For Men

Abdominal workouts for men can get you rock hard abs, but if you want to burn belly fat and make your abs visible, you will need to follow a comprehensive program.

Here is the reality: You CANNOT dial-up more crunches, or other ab exercises, and get ripped-looking abs. These simply cannot create enough metabolic response to burn the layer of fat covering your abs.

You have to go at this in a two-fold manner: (1) establish a calorie deficit to get rid of belly fat, and (2) build lean muscle mass to increase metabolism naturally.

abdominal workouts for men

* When you lose fat, you will lose size. A lot of guys cannot handle this. Burn this into your brain: The more defined you get, the heavier and more muscular you look.

* Belly fat loss does NOT happen over night...nor within 30 days. (Although other sites on the Internet would have you believe so.) Give yourself 12-15 weeks to start seeing results. It will take another 12-15 weeks to make those results even more significant.

* Conscious eating...knowing exactly what you are putting in your mouth each time you eat...is the key. You MUST start eating like an athlete if you expect to look like one.

* Sugar foods, greasy foods, and processed foods keep fat on your abs. Get them OUT of your diet.

* Strength building workouts are vital in burning belly fat. You must put in the hard work in order to build lean muscle mass.

* Mindless cardio is OUT. You must train like an athlete and include interval training workouts. They require a high degree of mental toughness, but they blowtorch off body fat. You must train like an NFL player to look like one.

Abdominal workouts for men entail full-body strength building, as well as intense bursts of running, biking, or rowing. However, none of it matters if you do not clean up you diet. Fat loss starts in the kitchen, not the workout room.

Forget about supplementing protein drinks and "smoothies" for natural foods like fruits, vegetables, and solid protein sources. Shakes and smoothies will just keep fat on you. They have no place in abdominal workouts for men.

proven abdominal workouts for men

Proven abdominal workouts for men that help you get ripped abs

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