The Best Diet To Lose Weight Now!

The best diet to lose weight is actually not a diet. It is a complete change to a more positive lifestyle. To burn belly fat and make fat loss permanent, you must make significant changes.

If you are sincere about losing weight and staying fat free, the biggest changes must take place mentally. Breaking old eating habits, committing to making better food choices, and exercising regularly requires a great deal of consciousness and self-discipline in the beginning.

the best diet to lose weight is not a diet

* Conscious eating will be a huge key. There can be NO MORE mindless grazing. You must know what you are eating and how it will effect your body.

* The best weight loss plan in the world will not work if you do not make good food choices.

* Burn this into your brain: "Sugar foods are your #1 Enemy." They taste great...BUT they have little nutritional value, and they are too easily converted into belly fat and thigh fat.

* Drink more water. The benefits of drinking water are substantial when it comes to losing fat.

* A moderate exercise program will help accelerate fat loss. If you just reduce calories, it will slow down your metabolism. Exercise will help keep it percolating.

* Utilizing a weight training program will build lean muscle tissue and increase metabolism naturally

* Walking off the pounds is a great way to start a cardio program.

There is NO one diet that will help you reach the fat loss goals you desire. This is why I say the best diet to lose weight is not a diet at all.

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