The Best Workout Routines

the best workout routines start in the kitchen

Both muscle building workouts and those to eliminate belly fat depend on quality food choices

The best workout routines in the world will show poor results without an optimal diet. It doesn't matter if you want to burn belly fat or build bigger muscles, diet is the key.

If you came here looking for a handful of fat loss workout routines, or periodization workouts to increase muscle size, you will be sadly disappointed.

There are plenty of other sites you can checkout that will take gladly take your money without bothering to talk straight with you.

This is not one of them.

Unless you deal in reality, you will wake up 12 months from now with barely any significant gains in fat loss, strength, or lean muscle mass.

Every significant gain and loss in your training depends on you making the best food choices possible.

You simply CANNOT eat unconsciously and expect to train hard.

One, you will not have the fuel capacity to workout with intensity. And two, you will not have the substance needed to help you lose belly fat and increase muscular size.

In the grand scheme to eliminate belly fat and gain lean muscle, the common denominator will always be optimal nutrition.

The Best Workout Routines Focus on Good Food Choices

the best workout routines focus on making great food choices Here is something strongly motivating to keep in mind: Chicks are particularly attracted to guys with the lean Hollywood look.

They desire guys who look fit and athletic, without being bulky or blocky looking.

It is far more easy to get this kind of body than it is trying to add slabs of muscle without increasing your body fat.

* Simply getting sugar foods, starchy processed foods, oily fat foods, and fast food junk out of your diet will be the biggest factor in burning belly fat. Who needs any of it?

* Getting your protein from solid sources like chicken breasts, turkey, and fish are far better than using supplements. Yes, I know there are benefits of protein shakes, but they also increase your body fat.

* The best workout routines will focus on strength training to increase muscular size. They will be brief (45-60 minutes), intense, and require you to be focused and purposeful in the gym.

* Lean muscle building workouts will center on fundamental multi-joint lifts (benches, squats, pull-ups, weighted dips, DB military presses, deadlifts, etc) and be full-body routines.

* Cardio routines will focus on interval training to lose belly fat and build lean muscle. This is exactly how Olympic and professional athletes train. It is tough.

The Best Workout Routines Get Proven Results

the best workout routines get proven results

If what you have been doing has not been working, it is probably time for you to consider investing in a proven program.

There are three good ones that we endorse:

* If you are intent on getting rid of male belly fat, losing love handles, and getting more defined abs, the The Truth About Six Pack Abs has helped 1000's of guys reach their fat loss goals.

* If you are already on the lean side and wish to gain some muscular size, but have not been working out much,
The Truth About Building Muscle by Sean Nalewanyj is considered the best beginner weight training course on the market.

* If you have been working out for a few years, but your gains have stalled, Jeff Anderson's Optimum Anabolics is the program you want to investigate. This is a difficult set of workouts and you must be an advanced lifter to keep up.

The good thing about each of these programs is that they all promote "conscious eating" and learning what foods and situations sabotage you goals to eliminate belly fat and build lean muscle mass.

The best workout routines will be periodized so that you are never locked-in to one specific workout each time you lift or run. You can count on progressive levels from each of these guys, depending on your specific situation.

I wish you good luck in all of your goals for fat loss and gaining lean muscle. You, too, can build a body chicks want to touch.

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