Best Workout To Get Ripped

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The best workout to get ripped is Visual Impact Muscle Building, created by Rusty Moore.

The best workout to get ripped is Visual Impact Muscle Building. Created by Rusty Moore, it is the ONLY program designed to get you the Lean Hollywood Look.

Things have changed in the last 10 years. All of a sudden, women have become the prime movers of men's physiques. I'm not kidding.

Guy's don't workout to look like steroid-bloated professional bodybuilders anymore. They are all trying to find out how to get the "Lean Hollywood Look".

Why? Because that's what chicks admire in a man, physically!

Women have become so entranced with lean, tight Hollywood action stars and Olympic athletes, that they expect the men in their lives to have that same fit, buggy-whip look.

Look, they spend so much time sending pictures of actors and athletes back-and-forth on their iPhones and iPads, that they fel like they deserve to wake up next to a guy who looks the same...not, blocky, over-muscled, or soft and flabby.

Getting out of shape is the kiss of death when it comes to getting women. Male belly fat is a definite sexual turn-off for them. They think guys who carry some extra weight covering their abs have meager self-discipline, no ambition, and are not athletic.

Is it any wonder that "best workout to get ripped" is such a high-volume search term on the Internet?

Fortunately, fitness writer and professional trainer, Rusty Moore has come up with the perfect plan to help you reach the percent body fat of definition you are looking for.

His Visual Impact Muscle Building program has exploded from underground word-of-mouth to mainstream best-seller.

Thousands of guys have purchased it and gotten the results they wanted. Hundreds more place orders online each week. Rusty's course definitely shows you how to achieve the Lean Hollywood Look.

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Best Workout To Get Ripped - Visual Impact Muscle

visual impact muscle is the best workout to get ripped

* Getting ripped starts in the kitchen, not the gym. It doesn't matter how great of a workout is designed, it will never overcome a careless diet. Starting today, you will do your level best to get sugar foods, fast foods, and starchy processed foods OUT of your present diet. Yes...they taste great...but they have absolutely NO lean muscle building properties of all.

* Get rid of starchy "white foods" (sugar, white bread, white rice, white spaghetti, white potatoes, white pizza, etc.) out of your diet. They elevate your blood sugar and are way too easily stored as fat on your waist and as love handles.

* Forget about supplements and protein shakes. Start getting your protein from solid sources like fish, turkey, and chicken breasts. Eat a protein source with each meal and snack.

* Fundamental, strength training exercises with weights are the name of the game. Building lean muscle amps up your metabolism.

* Spending 30 minutes doing a slew of ab exercises won't do a thing for getting ripped. Sure, they'll make your abs much stronger, but burning fat will come from reducing calories, lifting hard, and doing intelligent cardio.

* Spending an hour on the treadmill watching Sports Center, or shuffling through your neighborhood at sunrise will not help either. In order to get ripped, you must train intelligently, like an athlete, which means doing interval workouts.

Rusty makes no idiotic promises, other than you must work hard on both your diet and your training...and it will take time and effort to melt off belly fat that's been accumulating for several years.

If you want the best workout to get ripped Rusty's Visual Impact Muscle is the best place to start.

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