Build Muscle While Losing Fat

To burn belly fat, you must gain muscle mass

You can build muscle while losing fat, but it will be progressive. Male fat loss is a hot topic these days because of health risks and women desiring lean, athletic-looking men. When you gain muscle mass, it will increase your metabolism to help burn belly fat. must be realistic in your expectations. You cannot buy into the hype on late-night cable TV or the multitude of sites you see on the Internet promising "20 pounds of hard muscle to replace the 20 pounds of fat you shredded in just 8 weeks."

If you are looking for the best muscle building workout or the best fat loss workout, you will be left completely frustrated. There is no ONE MAGIC routine that will guarantee you instant success.

If you want to build muscle while losing fat, you must commit to a comprehensive program of making good food choices, lifting weights to build muscle mass, and integrating interval training into your cardio.

In a nutshell, you must begin training like an Olympic hopeful or an NFL skill player. You do not have to run as fast or lift as much, but your mindset must be just as purposeful whenever you eat, lift, or do cardio.

How do you burn belly fat when you want to gain muscle mass?

build muscle while losing fat Okay, here is the reality...when you lift purposefully, eat nutritionally, and adhere to an intelligent cardio program you will be building lean muscle just WON"T BE ABLE TO SEE THE CHANGES on a daily basis.

* You will build muscle while losing fat, but it will be progressive, it will be hidden (for a while) and it will take some time. Please, get it out of your head that after three or four months of training, you should look like a professional athlete with 7% body fat.

* Just like it took an NFL player many years of weight training and sprinting to look like Hercules, it also took you a few years to get OUT of shape and put on flab.

* Your primary and foremost strategy is to create a calorie deficit to burn the belly fat first.

* Now is NOT the time to start pounding gallons of protein shakes in the misguided assumption that your muscles are screaming for a protein fix and will shrivel up if they don't get it.

* Yes, there are definite benefits of protein shakes but right now, you do NOT need the extra calories. You must begin eating to gain muscle and that means taking in solid protein sources (like chicken breasts, turkey, lean red meat, fish, and maybe some soy products.)

* You must commit to understanding about CALORIES and how what you eat and how much you eat will enhance...or muscle building goals. Look, if you eat too much of the right foods and they are not burned productively, the rest will be stored as fat.

You can build muscle while losing fat with a proven program

build muscle while burning fat with tom venuto's program

To us, Tom Venuto has the finest strategy available for guys who want to burn belly fat while increasing their lean muscle mass. His Holy Grail Of Body Transformation program has helped thousands of men get rid of male belly fat and build lean muscle.

* Tom's program centers on YOU taking responsibility for what you put in your mouth and how it will affect your build on a daily basis.

* You will be expected to engage in consistent and regular weight training that will focus on multi-joint lifts to increase your strength, help you gain lean muscle mass, and burn belly fat because of the natural increase in your metabolism.

* You will be expected to do interval training. You will get out of breath, you will sweat a little, and you will be red in the face for a few minutes. (Sounds like an athlete in training, doesn't it?)

* To build muscle while losing fat will take a 12-month commitment from you. It took a while to get out of shape and it will take some time to build solid muscle, gain in strength, and increase your definition.

Phony, expensive supplements...body building techno-gadgets...mindless jogging...insanely intense workouts...or, doing curls with one foot on a Swiss Ball are NOT part of Body Transformation.

You can get stronger, have better health, and build a body women desire with Tom's program...but, you must approach your training to burn belly fat and gain muscle mass with the mindset of an athlete.

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