Exercise Plans For Weight Loss - Get Real!

Exercise plans for weight loss are no good unless they are coupled with a solid nutritional plan of good food choices. In order to get rid of stomach fat, you must eat consciously and workout consistently.

If you fail to make good food choices and exert portion control in your diet, the best exercise plan in the world CANNOT help you burn off fat and build lean muscle. Here is the reality...burn this into your brain: You CANNOT exercise-off or run-off all the calories you put on with poor food choices.

exercise plans for weight loss

* All quality exercise plans to lose weight begin in the kitchen. The way you initiate a weekly calorie deficit is through reducing portions and making good food choices.

* Figure out your basal metabolic index, then eat 200-300 calories UNDER that each day.

* Your exercise plan must be sensible and safe...but it also must be intense. Be prepared to sweat a lot, get out of breath frequently, and get real red in the face.

* I am NOT talking about idiotic spirit-crushing workouts. I'm talking about intense strength building workouts to raise your hormonal level, spike your metabolism for a few hours, and build lean muscle tissue.

* You must include weight training in your exercise plan to accelerate weight loss. You will utilize fundamental, multi-joint lifts 2-3 times each week to increase your strength. Push yourself to improve either poundage or repetitions, in at least one set, by the end of each week.

* Cardio must become an everyday part of your lifestyle. Two times each week, your exercise plan must include interval training workouts.

* Your workouts must change frequently (each week) to force your body to adapt by shedding fat and increasing lean muscle tissue.

As you can see, your exercise plans to lose weight must be comprehensive. They must center on optimal nutrition in order to see significant fat loss results.

exercise plans to lose weight

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