Just Say "No" To A Fat Loss Pill

a fat loss pill will always have side effects

All diet pills have side effects. You do not need the danger or uncertainty.

A fat loss pill is not the solution to lose belly fat and thigh fat. All diet pills have side effects. You can lose belly fat and thigh fat with sensible and safe strategies.

I understand you being frustrated if you've put on extra weight and are discouraged when you look in the mirror, but looking for results from pills that may bring you harm is not the answer.

a fat loss pill is not the solution to your weight issues

* As frustrating as it may seem, it took awhile to put on extra pounds...and it will take some TIME and some EFFORT to get them off.

* Safe and sensible fat loss must be progressive. A loss of 1-2 lbs. per week is excellent. Although it seems extremely slow, it really adds up over the course of 52 weeks.

* Safe and sensible fat loss must center on making the best positive changes you can in your lifestyle. Once you leave the world of mindless eating and no exercise...you CANNOT return. The negative parts of your past lifestyle must be left behind for good.

* Learn all you can about Emotional Eating and how your feelings affect your food choices.

* Start slowly with positive changes to your diet. You are creating a better lifestyle for yourself. Just getting rid of all sugar foods is a remarkable beginning.

* Walking for fat loss is a great way to start if you have not exercised for awhile.

Diet pills are a short-term solution with possible long-term affects. To me, they are not worth the risk. You can lose fat safely and naturally on your own.

Learn healthy ways to lose weight naturally

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