A Fitness Model Diet Is Definitely "Old-School"

A fitness model diet is about as old-school as you can get. They burn belly fat with good food choices and exercises to increase lean muscle tissue. You can have the same fat burning diet plan.

For some reason, women think fitness models follow some secretive diet program that's only known within the industry. You would be amazed to find out that they actually follow a plan your grandmother could easily propose.

It boils down to: Eat Less...Eat Better...Exercise More. In addition, they also maintain focus on specific endeavors.

a fitness model diet is sensible and safe

* Since fitness models make their living with their body, they program themselves to eat consciously. They know EXACTLY what they put in their mouths and whether it will build lean muscle...or be stored as fat on their waist and hips.

* They understand it is much harder to "Get in shape" than it is to "Stay in shape." For this reason, they make good food choices a lifestyle habit, not just a strategy to lose a few pounds.

* Fresh fruits and vegetables are the backbone of their diets.

* Fitness models STAY AWAY from protein shakes and smoothies. They get their protein from solid sources such as fish, turkey, skinless chicken breasts (and some soy products.)

* They calculate their total daily calories, then establish a slight calorie deficit each week from that baseline.

* They break up their total daily calories into 5-6 small meals. They do NOT skip breakfast. They do NOT gorge at dinner. They make great food choices for snacks.

* A fitness model will workout regularly and consistently. They do not engage in brutal routines, but they will sweat, breathe hard, and get red in the face. They workout with weights to increase metabolism naturally

* Cardio is done 5-6 days per week. Intensity varies, but at least two days include interval training workouts.

As you can see, a fitness model diet is less about secrecy, and more about committing to positive lifestyle habits and being self-disciplined.

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fitness model diet and workouts plan by tom venuto

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