Good Ab Workouts Do Not Burn Belly Fat

Good ab workouts will help you strengthen your core for more athletic success. However, if you are looking for ab workouts to burn belly fat or get defined abs, you will need other strategies.

People come to this page for different reasons. Some are in great shape and are looking for unique ab exercises to increase their athleticism. For those guys (and ladies) it is best to go directly to Pavel Tsatsouline's Bullet Proof Abs. He is the guru for athletes who want rock hard abs.

Are you looking to burn belly fat and build lean muscle?

good ab workouts will not burn belly fat

* First, let me be realistic: There is NO WAY you can ever expend enough calories to exercise-off, or run-off belly fat. It doesn't matter what ab exercises you are doing.

* To get rid of male belly fat, you must combine a much better diet with quality workouts.

* You CANNOT eat whatever you please, even if you lift hard and run. In order to get defined abs, you must establish a slight calorie deficit each week.

* Full-body workouts that focus on strength building increase metabolism naturally. They must be regular and consistent.

* Forget about mindless jogging or reading a magazine on the stationary bike at the gym. If you are truly intent on getting rid of belly fat and losing your love handles, you must become strong enough to integrate interval training workouts into your cardio.

One of the best proven programs I have found for reaching your fat loss goals, burning belly fat, and becoming more muscular is Mike Geary's The Truth About Six Pack Abs.

It is more than just good ab workouts. It is a way of life.

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