Get More Lean

get more lean

Now you can cut fat and get more lean

Get more lean by focusing on a quality nutrition program and strength building workouts that include interval training in your cardio. Get rid of male belly fat for good.

Getting more lean helps guys in two ways. First, it is a lot more healthy for you.

When you are not carrying around some extra inches of flab, your who system works more efficiently. Your arteries are not clogged, your organs are far less stressed, and your whole mental outlook os a lot more positive.

Secondly, women are attracted to guys who are fit and look athletic. (Do you really think they dream about taking a soft, fleshy guy to bed?) Male belly fat is a deal-breaker when it comes to impressing chicks. They have a real wide choice these days, and pudgy guys don't make the first cut.

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The Internet is filled with hype about adding slabs of muscle while you blowtorch off belly fat, but the success rate of most of those programs is zilch. If you plan on looking like an athlete, then you have to eat and train like an athlete...and that means putting in some disciplined principles both in the kitchen, and in the gym.

Trust me, most guys do not want to hear this...let alone do it. Why? Because eating like an athlete means giving up a lot of crap food that tastes real good (pizza, massive burgers and sandwiches, donuts, energy drinks, and French fries to name a few...) and working out like an athlete means you are going to be hot, sweaty, and out of breath most of the time.

Its a lot easier to fork out money on phony supplements than it is to do the things other people do not want to do in their quest to get more lean.

Get More Lean - Eat like an athlete

Guys who train for the Olympics, or play in the NFL depend on their bodies to make a living. They simply cannot afford to eat carelessly if they are going to improve. When it comes to professional athletes, tens of millions of dollars are at stake. Is it any wonder a lot of these guys have their own nutritionist and chef?

What can you do? Follow some of these simple strategies to get started:

get more lean by eating right

* Nutrition plays the largest role in burning belly fat as well as becoming more muscular.

* Sugar foods and starchy processed foods do not help you one bit. Sure, they taste delicious because of all the fat and calories in them, but they do NOT build lean muscle mass, and they are too easily stored as soft, flabby love handles.

* Get sugar foods OUT of your current diet right now! You get rid of fat by decreasing calories from empty foods like sugar cereals, pastries, desserts, and phony energy drinks/bars.

* Cut way back on processed foods and grains. This includes anything that comes in a box, can, or plastic wrap...or is baked or fried. These foods are high-carb/high-fat/high-calorie. They include bagels, pizza, pasta, breads, and all fast foods.

* Start eating more fresh vegetables, more fresh fruits, and more solid protein like turkey, grilled chicken breasts, and wild fish.

* Forget about the argument that you need carbs to workout. Unless you are an elite endurance athlete, you can cut your carb intake by two-thirds, and you will be fine. You do NOT need all of those carbs getting turned into more flab for storage on your abs.

When you eat more consciously, you get more lean. This is the main principle of the best-selling Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle.

Get More Lean - Utilize intense strength training

Elite athletes train differently than guys at the gym because they are always trying to get stronger...instead of looking better in the mirror. As a matter of fact, athletes never really worry what they look like because they eat right and train so hard...they do not have to worry about love handles and sloppy belly fat.

Here is how to do it:

get more lean by training hard * Stick to fundamental, compound-joint, strength training workouts. Forget about all of that sissy shaping and sculpting nonsense.

* Compound-joint exercises include: Squats, Deadlifts, Pull-Ups, Dips, Bent Rows, Benches, Seated Dumbbell Military Presses, and Push-Ups.

* Do Lat Pulldowns until you are strong enough to start doing pull-ups.

* To learn about the value of strength building workouts, pick up a copy of Beyond Brawn. It will open your eyes.

* Change your workout frequently. Athletes rarely do the same workout in one week. Their trainers are changing sets, reps, and weight constantly. (One week they may do 3 sets of 15 reps on the bench. The next week, they will add 50 more lbs. and do 4 sets of 3 reps.)

* Only spend ONE HOUR max in the gym. Work hard, work intensely, shower and go home.

Get More Lean - Do cardio with a purpose

Optimal nutrition prepares your body to go hard, strength training builds lean muscle mass to jack-up your metabolism, and structured cardio burns belly fat. You lay waste to love handles and get rid of man boobs burning off fat.

You can do cardio everyday, just alter the intensity. (Some recovery days will just be brisk walking.) The key is to get strong enough where you can add interval training workouts to go along with your steady state cardio.

Here are some tips.

get more lean with intelligent cardio

* Try to do as much of your cardio outside as you can.

* Shoot for 30 to 45 minutes of training. You can do cardio after your weightroom work. Athletes do it all the time.

* When using indoor modalities like treadmills or stationary bikes, DO NOT read books or magazines.

* Include 1-2 days of high-level interval workouts, each week, once you get strong enough.

* One of the best books you can read on the importance of optimal nutrition and interval training is the 21 Day Primal Blueprint Body Transformation.

* Mindless jogging before sunrise or spending 45 minutes pedaling a stationary bike while watching SportsCenter doesn't do a whole lot. Each cardio session needs to have a purpose if you want to get more lean.

You can get rid of belly fat, get rid of love handles and build dense lean muscle. It will not happen overnight...or even within three months. (Remember, it took time to put on excess flab and it will take time to get it off.)

However, if you set do-able goals, and focus on doing the things other guys do not want to do, you will get more lean and others will really notice the change.

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