How To Burn Belly Fat

Eliminate belly fat with a proven program for permanent fat loss

How to burn belly fat? We get this question everyday. Male belly fat and belly fat on women are the source of both significant health, and social setbacks.

Carrying extra fat on your waist is directly correlated with Type II diabetes, heart disease, insulin resistance, and some forms of cancer. It also makes both men and women less attractive to the opposite sex.

You can eliminate belly fat with a proven program that emphasizes making good nutritional choices (by following a sensible belly fat diet) and integrating regular and consistent exercise into your everyday activities.

You are only fooling yourself if you think going on a crash diet, taking expensive supplements, or starting a high-tech-sounding exercise program will burn belly fat and make you look more athletic.

You may receive short-term benefits, but until you decide to adhere to a more positive and active lifestyle, you will NOT defeat fat permanently.

How to burn belly fat and make fat loss permanent

how to burn belly fat with a proven program of solid nutrition and consistent exercise

* First of all, if you want to eliminate belly fat permanently, you must make a commitment that you will make positive changes in your life that emphasize solid nutrition, daily continuous activity for 30-40 minutes, and consistent exercise that includes weight training for building lean muscle mass.

* To burn belly fat permanently, you must STOP dealing with magical thinking and looking for "quick-fixes." If you took one day each week and explored the Internet for sites offering the "newest secrets for fat loss", you would be at your computer all day.

* The true fat loss secret is...there is NO secret...only commitment on your part to establish a calorie deficit each week and work hard at building lean muscle mass to increase metabolism naturally.

* You must understand that it took time to put on extra pounds, so it will take time to get rid of that extra fat. Please DO NOT get sucked in by the marketing of expensive (and mostly worthless) supplements promising fast fat loss.

* You must understand that sugar-laden foods and processed foods are your two worst enemies for getting rid of belly fat. You must be vigilant about knowing what you put in your mouth each time you eat. There can be NO MORE mindless eating.

A proven program that teaches you how to burn belly fat

burn the fat feed the muscle teaches you how to burn belly fat Tom Venuto developed, possibly, the most popular and successful program for permanent fat loss about 10 years ago.

Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle is a step-by-step downloadable eBook that has helped 1000's of men and women eliminate belly fat from their lives.

Make no mistake, Tom's program is NOT about starvation diets, harsh boot camp workouts, or purchasing expensive supplements.

It centers on educating you about how food effects your body, getting regular and consistent exercise that includes weight training, and integrating intelligent cardio into your daily life.

It is a sensible and progressive program of fat loss that forces you to look hard at the foods and behaviors that sabotage your fat loss efforts and keep you from getting the body you desire.

If you want to correctly learn how to burn belly fat and build lean muscle mass to look more attractive, Tom's Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle is a proven program that will help you reach your goals.

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