How To Lose Belly Fat

how to lose belly fat

There is a huge mental aspect involved in losing belly fat

We all know how to lose belly fat. Make good food choices, build lean muscle, be active every day. Yet, why do some people eliminate belly fat permanently while others struggle?

Believe it or not, a lot of fat loss success comes down to our mental attitude, especially when it gets thrown up against commitment issues.

Commitment issues for fat loss success? Is this a bunch of pop psychology mumbo-jumbo?

No, not at all.

The people who make the most significant changes in their bodies, commit fully to a proven program, and then become extremely vigilant about facing down situations that threaten to sabotage their goals.

You Lose Belly Fat With Commitment

you know how to lose belly fat There is no new secret to learning how to lose belly fat.

As a matter-of-fact, if you spend enough time on my site, you will see that boiled down to the most finite points, the way to eliminate belly fat is to (1) Make good food choices (2) Eat consciously (3) Build lean muscle, and (4) Do some form of cardio everyday.

Commitment issues usually begin to surface during the 3rd or 4th week of a new diet/exercise program because:

* We fail to see any noticeable results.

* We feel like we've given a major effort, with nothing to show.

* We feel like our fat loss goals cramp our time for fun.

* We feel like we cannot enjoy ourselves when eating out.

* Workouts make us hot, sweaty, and hard to catch our breath.

* To get our cardio done, sometimes we have to wake up earlier.

* Getting rid of belly fat forces us to function consciously.

Commitment begins to waver because putting on slabs of fat was so easy. We did not have to think...we could eat whatever we pleased...we didn't have to break a sweat.

Getting it off now requires patience, progressive improvement, acute awareness, and some difficult physical effort.

Is it any wonder that the mind rebels against soft commitments to look better and feel better? Is it any wonder people continue to prowl the Internet looking for a "secret supplement" or specialized ab gadget?

A Proven Program To Help You Burn Belly Fat

a proven program teaches you how to lose belly fat

Actually, The Truth About Six Pack Abs is much more than a proven program to teach you how to lose belly fat.

It is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to help you make a commitment to a more positive lifestyle that will lead to significant fat loss.

* Author Mike Geary addresses the thoughts and situations that can sabotage and derail your fat loss goals.

* His focus is on making good food choices...but NOT starving or depriving yourself. You will learn about portion control and eating consciously.

* Mike's program is NOT just a book filled with ab exercises (there are only 20) but a good workout plan that centers on building lean muscle.

* You will learn how to increase metabolism naturally. There are no worthless supplements to buy, no dangerous diet pills to purchase.

If you are intent about learning how to lose belly fat, but worry about your commitment to a more healthy lifestyle, Mike's proven program, The Truth About Six Pack Abs can help you.

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