How To Lose Weight In Your Face

how to lose weight in your face and neck

Discover how to lose weight in your face and neck, and keep it off forever!

How to lose weight in your face? It happens much different than you think. However, you will be surprised at the ease in which you can do it once you make the commitment.

Once you are past pre-school age, nobody wants a chubby face. Women know a lean face with finely detailed features on a slender neck, is far more attractive than a wide face which looks bloated and heavy.

Women also know that a beautiful face is the first thing men notice about a woman...and the most singular thing about her that keeps them fascinated.

Is it any wonder that some of the most popular online searches done by women are, "How to lose weight in your face"..."How to lose weight in face and neck"..."How to lose fat on your face"....and, "How to lose face fat?"

You will be glad to know two things about women's weight loss when it comes to your face: (1) you can definitely lose weight in your face and neck, and (2) it is usually the first fat to be lost when you commit to making better food choices.

Fat loss normally follows the rule of "First on...last off," meaning that belly fat is the easiest to put on, but the most difficult to get rid of. Face fat is usually the last to make an appearance, but the first (and most notable) when you lose weight.

How To Lose Weight In The Face - Reality vs. Nonsense

how to lose fat on your face and neck Many times, women are so determined to lose weight in their face and neck that they succumb to questionable (and even dangerous) diet strategies, phony "face exercise" courses, or expensive (i.e. worthless) supplements.

Please burn this into your brain: You CANNOT "spot reduce," meaning you cannot focus on one area of your body to take off fat. Localized fat loss is a marketing ploy that steals millions of dollars from women each year. Your body is not compartmentalized, so thinking you can lose 5 lbs. of fat in your face, but keep your bust the same size is just magical thinking.

When you lose lose it throughout your entire body...and, you CANNOT exercise one body part (chin, neck, cheeks, tummy) and expect to lose fat in that one segmented area. Your body is not put together like shoe boxes stacked on top of each other. It is dynamic and contains billions of interconnected elements. You must lose overall body fat to lose weight in your face and neck areas.

Please: DO NOT fall for phony marketing ploys expounding on facial exercises or high-tech sounding supplements. It is all bogus.

You will discover how to lose weight in your face when you follow a proven program of intelligent food choices and moderate exercise.

** The best women's weight lost program available, in my opinion, is the Flat Belly Solution (also known as The Diet Solution Program) which was created by exercise physiologist/nutritionist, Isabel De Los Rios, and has been a best-seller since 2007.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Isabel's best-selling women's weight loss nutrition

How To Lose Weight In Your Face - Easy Tips for YOU!

discover how to lose weight in your face and neck with the Flat Belly Solution * Diets do NOT work. They are only temporary. You must commit to making better food choices and building new lifelong eating habits to keep fat off forever.

* You must start eating consciously and know how different foods affect both energy levels, and fat deposit storage.

* Get sugar foods completely OUT of your diet...starting right now. Refined sugar (desserts, pastries, pop, boxed cereal, etc) is not only quickly stored as fat, it is also bad for your skin.

* Get processed foods out of your diet. They are high-carb/high-fat and will bloat your face with both calories and chemicals.

* Start eating more fresh vegetables, more fresh fruit, and more solid protein sources (like wild fish, grilled chicken, and turkey.) The weight will melt off and your skin will be radiant.

* Start a moderate exercise program that includes strength training with weights and some form of cardio everyday.

* Start drinking more water, eating more natural foods with fiber, and getting more hours of sleep.

* Drinking more water helps you get rid of excess fluids that make your face look bloated. Getting more restful sleep stimulates your hormonal system to burn more fat and increase lean muscle tissue.

Please understand that sensible weight loss takes time, commitment, focus, and patience. It took several years for you to put on excess weight. Please give yourself several months to see quality results.

The Flat Belly Solution Program centers on losing a safe and sensible 1-2 lbs. per week. Use this as a guide. It really adds up in 15-20 weeks.

You can do this...I know you can! You can lose the weight necessary to make your face look lean, young, and feminine.

I hope this short article has given you some ideas on how to lose weight in your face, and keep it off the rest of your life.

how to lose weight in your face and neck with the falt belly solution program

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