Intense Weight Loss Exercise Plans

Intense weight loss exercise plans work only when they are progressive. You CANNOT burn belly fat and lose thigh fat simply by exhausting yourself. Making good food choices and sensibility play roles, too.

Before we go any farther, let's review a critical piece of reality: There is NO WAY you can ever exercise-off or even run-off the amount of calories needed to lose 1-2 lbs. per week. It is just NOT possible.

intense weight loss exercise plnas

* To establish a calorie deficit, you must start with your diet. Not eating a piece of bread (100 calories) is a much easier start than running one mile.

* Olympic and professional athletes RARELY do back-to-back energy-depleting workouts. They normally have 2-3 days of sub-maximal workouts in between. Does it really make sense for the average person to exhaust themselves for several consecutive days?

* Severe workouts put you in the cross-hairs for an overuse injury. This is the main reason athletes stagger their "hard workouts."

* Severe workouts crush both your mental outlook and your Central Nervous System. There is no way you can mentally get jacked-up for tough workouts all the time. Active rest days are key.

* Don't get me wrong, interval training workouts MUST be a focus in your weight loss plans, but you will ONLY do them 2-3 times each week. NOT everyday.

* Just because you workout intensely doesn't mean you can eat whatever you please. To initiate stomach fat loss you must establish a lifestyle habit of making good food choices.

Exercise certainly must have bouts of intensity, but it also must be a positive experience to make you stick with it. (Those "Boot Camp" programs run by the "trainers" at the gym who have a high school education..and a three-day certification program...are very suspect.)

Intense weight loss exercise plans are out of balance. Stay away from them. You can lose belly fat with a sensible plan of Optimal Diet - Strength Training - and Interval Training.

intense weight loss exercise plans must be progressive

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intense weight loss exercise plans

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