The Best Weight Loss Exercise Plan For You!

A weight loss exercise plan will be comprehensive. A quality exercise plan for weight loss will be focused first on establishing a calorie deficit through optimal nutrition. The best exercise plan in the world CANNOT overcome poor food choices.

Burn this into your brain: Weight loss starts in the kitchen, NOT the gym. There is no way you can ever exercise-off or run-off the calories needed to lose belly fat and thigh fat. However, you can easily take 300 calories out of your diet each day by simply foregoing two pieces of bread and a regular soda.

weight loss exercise plan

* The #1 element in your weight loss plan must be conscious eating. You absolutely must know what you are putting in your mouth each time you eat, and how it will affect your body.

* Always ask yourself: "Will what I'm eating right now help me get closer to my fat loss goals, or will it put another inch of belly fat on my waist?"

* Your exercise plan must be regular and consistent. Actually, it must become part of your lifestyle if you are to eliminate belly fat and keep it off permanently. Exercise and women's weight loss are directly related.

* Weight lifting workouts for women are imperative. You need to include weight training to naturally increase your metabolism.

* Some form of cardio must be done each day. Get away from your computer and away from your cell phone for 30-45 minutes each day...and MOVE! It is best if you can do your cardio outside.

* The intensity and duration must change each day, also. You cannot go intensely day-in and day-out. Keep in mind, you can walk to lose weight if you do it purposely.

A quality weight loss exercise plan will be a three-prong attack: (1) Making good food choices and demonstrating portion control, (2) Having a consistent exercise routine that includes weight training, and (3) structured cardio that includes interval workouts for women.

Thousands have made it work. You can do it, too!

weight loss exercise program

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