Healthy Eating Guidelines For You - Lose Belly Fat Now!

Healthy eating guidelines for you! I will give you "Old School", fundamental guidelines for making healthy food choices to help you eliminate belly fat and thigh fat. Look better and feel better!

Whether you are starting a diet or looking for a quality diet plan for women, there are some basics you must a commit to in order to lose weight and make fat loss permanent.

Guidelines For Eating Healthy

healthy eating guidelines

* Eat consciously. There can be NO MORE mindless eating in your life. Know EXACTLY what you are putting in your mouth, and how it will effect your body as it is digested and absorbed.

* Get sugar foods COMPLETELY out of your diet. This is where the extra calories pile up the fastest.

* Get as much processed food out of your diet as possible. Yes, I know it tastes good...but the high carbs and fat content is only good for puting more inches on your belly and hips.

* Eat foods as close to their natural state as possible. Fresh fruits and vegetables head the list. A small amount of nuts each day is also beneficial.

* Eat solid protein sources at each meal. Stay away from "smoothies" and protein shakes for fat loss. Get your protein from fish, turkey, and grilled chicken breasts.

* Stay hydrated. Drink more water. Drinking water to lose weight is a strong component in your fat loss plan.

* Keep in mind: "Things that come off trees, and out of the ground...are far more healthy than things that come off shelves."

Healthy eating guidelines need not be complicated or controlling. Conscious eating, portion control awareness, and the addition of regular and consistent exercise will go a long way to helping you get the body you want.

Eating healthy at work can be a challenge, but you can do it!

Exercise and women's weight loss go hand-in-hand

You can walk to lose weight!

Targeted fat loss is a myth. Don't fall for it!

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