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Protein Smoothies - Whey Protein Powder - Burn Belly Fat

Protein For Fat Loss - Burn Belly Fat! Internet ads like this for weight loss protein shakes or whey protein powder actually do more harm than good.

How can that be? Well, in order to sell diet supplements, companies do not always give you the full story.

The majority of those ads have a photo of a shapely fitness model or an ultra-defined male holding protein smoothies as if they were the mother lode of fat loss. It sends the wrong message, though.

I will be the first to tell you there are great benefits of protein shakes, but too often these kinds of supplements are misused and end up sabotaging your best fat loss dieting.

Protein is the primary component of an intelligent nutrition program and you must be committed to getting the facts about this super-nutrient and not get caught up in convoluted logic.

Protein for fat loss is best chosen from solid food sources

protein for fat loss

* Your best bet for protein will come from solid food sources like fish, turkey, or grilled chicken breasts.

* Protein smoothies and whey protein powder shakes are easy to ingest, but they DO NOT satiate hunger like solid protein sources.

* Protein shakes and smoothies are too easy over-consume.

* You CANNOT just drink "secret formula" weight loss protein shakes to drop fat.

* Remember, to lose fat, you must establish a calorie-deficit. Drinking protein smoothies means you must drop solid food sources in another area, which means you must then be hyper-vigilant about counting calories. This makes dieting less simple...and much easier to sabotage.

* Calories from protein DO NOT swim directly to specific muscle areas to build lean mass, nor do they ignite some kind of cellular blowtorch in your hips, belly, or love handles. Any matter where it comes from...will be stored as FAT if it isn't burned efficiently. You CANNOT over consume "good foods" and eliminate belly fat.

* In order to burn belly fat, you must commit to a diet to build muscle, regular and consistent weight training workouts, and a cardio program that includes interval training.

A diet high in protein for fat loss is the way to go, but calories from protein sources cannot be glossed over or ignored. They must be factored in to your total caloric needs in order to lose 1-2 lbs. per week until you reach your fat loss goals.

Don't be fooled by the hype and high-tech ads from supplement companies. Be logical...if all you had to do to lose thigh fat, burn belly fat, and get female six pack abs was mix some whey protein powder in non-fat milk...EVERYBODY would do it and there would be no obesity problems.

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