Diet To Build Muscle

A build muscle diet is progressive and will not put on fat

A diet to build muscle must adhere to the best nutritional guidelines. Eating to build muscle means knowing exactly what you put in your mouth. A build muscle diet DOES NOT center on protein shakes.

When guys start working out they want results quickly. They want to get big fast. For most, building legitimate, rock-hard muscle progressively is a turn-off.

Here's the disconnect that keeps the majority of men from reaching their physique goals: Guys want to BE muscular, but they don't want to BECOME muscular.

When you look at an Olympic athlete, or an NFL linebacker or safety, you are seeing pretty much a finished product honed by years of nutrition and hard training. There is no way you are going to "eat your way" to a muscular body in 3-6 months.

I know what all of the ads on the Internet say about secret supplements and special nutritional boosters...but, you can pound all the expensive protein shakes and creatine powder you want...and it is still NOT going to happen.

The best diet to build muscle will be fundamentally sound. It will keep you from putting on belly fat, and it will progressively help you to put on rock solid weight.

Here is one more little piece of information: Girls DO NOT like the bulky, soft look. They are drawn to men who are lean, defined, and look like athletes.

A diet to build muscle begins with your mind

a diet to build muscle should not make you fat

I'm sure you are wondering what kind of Zen/cosmic/spiritual statement that is...but think about it. Until you are entirely committed to knowing exactly what you are putting in your mouth each time you eat something...and how it will effect muscle are NOT ready for a build muscle diet.

* Know how calories work. Know how many are needed to maintain your present weight (usually your Body Weight X 10, plus 10%) and which foods SABOTAGE your goals the easiest.

* Protein is the main building block for muscular development, BUT if you eat too much, that which isn't burned will be stored as fat.

* There are benefits of protein shakes, but "More is Better" IS NOT one of them.

* Get your protein requirement from solid protein sources like fish, turkey, and chicken breasts. They satiate your hunger. Protein shakes do not.

* Sugar, bread, and processed foods have no business in your diet to build muscle.

* Start eating a fruit and a vegetable with each meal. Snack only on fruit and a small portion of nuts. Chips, crackers, donuts, pop, and cookies have no place in a build muscle diet. They will only put on fat.

* Learn all you can about foods that build muscle. It is your body and you need to become the expert on it. (However, the best advice is NOT usually found in the gym.)

* The benefits of drinking water cannot be overstated. Progressively work toward drinking 1 gallon each day. This will metabolize fat more efficiently and allow your organs to process protein more effectively.

A diet to build muscle must cannot stand alone

a diet to build muscle must include intelligent workouts Just eating good food will not get you the muscularity you are looking for. You must combine solid nutrition with intelligent weight training and cardio.

* If you want to look like an athlete, you must start training like an athlete.

* Train on fundamental lifts to gain strength. Size will follow.

* DO NOT fall for the professional bodybuilding nonsense of "Putting on a little fat with your muscle, then cutting down later." It is all baloney. You can only do this when steroids are the main weapon.

* Develop a warrior's mindset. Don't think about "cheat days" when you'll eat everything in sight. Don't think about pounding down several pitchers with your buddies. Think about how what you are doing each day is progressively pushing you toward your goal of a more muscular physique.

* Understand that muscular weight comes slowly and progressively (unless you are a young guy who has NEVER trained before). Do not expect to look like Hercules in 12 months. It will NOT happen. You CANNOT build muscle fast.

* Stay away from expensive (worthless) supplements with hyped-up promises of increasing muscular size while they burn belly fat. You want to learn how to build muscle naturally.

A diet to build muscle will establish a slight calorie overload from solid protein sources each WEEK. About 500 calories/week should do it. (DO NOT rely on protein shakes.) If you start putting on belly fat and losing definition, you'll know to cut back.

Be smart, train hard and intelligently, and trust is progression.

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