There Is NO Single Lean Muscle Workout

A lean muscle workout entails more that just time in the weight room. To gain lean muscle mass you must be disciplined in your diet so that you burn belly fat, not add it.

Gaining lean muscle mass is tough, just ask any NFL player or any other athlete, professional or Olympic. They know that the most they can gain is about 1 to 1-1/2 lbs. of solid an entire month.

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* Patience is going to be a key characteristic you must develop. Gaining lean muscle, without any accompany fat, CANNOT be done quickly.

* Your gains will be seen over months...not weeks. This is tough for many guys to come to grips with. When you see a professional athlete, you are seeing a finished product that has had YEARS of hard work behind him.

* Good food choices are at a premium. Make your diet as positive as you can. Stay away from sugar foods, oily foods, and processed foods. Eat foods as close to their natural state as possible.

* STAY AWAY from protein shakes. They put more fat on guys than they do muscle. Get your protein from SOLID food sources.

* Your workouts need to focus on multi-joint, full body strength building workouts. They will be brief, but intense. Squats and deadlifts will be two critical lifts that must be incorporated.

* Your workouts must constantly be changing. Athletes rarely do the same workout twice in the same month, much less the same week. They continually challenge their muscles and central nervous system with ever-changing physical stress.

* Interval training workouts MUST become an integral part of your overall program. They are tough, require a commitment to courage, and tax your system. Most guys shy away from these. (Professional athletes have team trainers that force them to do the workouts.)

As you can see, there is no one magic lean muscle workout. It is actually a commitment to a new kind of lifestyle that legitimizes quality food choices and quality workouts.

a proven lean muscle workout

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